How to seamlessly adopt event management into The Restaurant Business

How to seamlessly adopt event management into The Restaurant Business

How to Seamlessly Adopt Event Management into The Restaurant Business

As well as being prime locations for holding private dining events, lunches and parties, restaurants are becoming increasingly popular for holding meetings. 

Those restaurants that are attracting a modern business meeting are the ones adopting latest software solutions to not only ensure meetings run smoothly, but also the right technology is available to maximize the opportunity and ensure a great guest experience.

Says Luis de Souza, CEO Of NFS Technology Group: “Between the arrival of mobile devices, online reservations, social media and new payment methods, technology has infiltrated the food and restaurant industry like never before. Running in sync is the workplace revolution whereby we are actively seeking more flexible ways of working, including utilising venues outside the traditional office setting, such as restaurants to hold meetings.”

“It’s how restaurants deals with all these advances — and the challenges that accompany them — that will determine the fate of many, regardless of what’s on the menu.” 

“Successful restaurant operators are now increasingly adopting latest technology, used by meeting venues to enhance client experience even before the guest has stepped through the door.”  

“The drivers for this technology are three fold: firstly in handling the financial transaction including taking deposit payments, secondly accommodating CRM and customer information management and thirdly any communication with the meeting organisers, guests and any associated service providers.”

 Here’s some top tips on how technology can have a vital role to play when it comes to ensuring your restaurant is ready to maximize on the opportunity to become a meeting destination of choice for your target audience.


  1. All about mobile: Make sure your online presence is set up for the increasing shift towards finding locations on mobiles as opposed to desktops. Function availability, menus and find us all need to be mobile first orientated. 
  2. Confirm the guest booking: Just like booking for a leisure dining experience, meeting organisers expect to be able to book a table to hold a meeting in the restaurant and receive email confirmation with all details discussed.  But in today’s fast paced world, details discussed in a phone call can be quickly forgotten.
  3. As with any booking made by the customer, the provision of details like email and phone contact information is the norm.  Restaurateurs should capture and manage this information with great care, as this could be the source of valuable future marketing data.
  4. Dietary requirements: Business meetings very often require the accurate capture of diet requirements so make sure that the food offering is fine tuned to service business meetings.
  5. Real-Time social media check: As with anything, the majority will look up reviews on social media channels before deciding on a destination.  Make sure key channels like tripadvisor are up to date and contain positive engagement, including concluding any issues, is critical to success.

NFS is helping many leading restaurant leaders, including latest implementation in the award-winning Contini Restaurant, to adopt the right meeting and events technology using our Rendezvous software, now available as a cloud based service, to ensure the successful and profitable meeting room experience for the restaurant and the guest.

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