I want to ride my Maastricht!

I want to ride my Maastricht!

On Friday 9th May 'Team At Your Service' are saddling up for a charity fund raising cycle from London to Maastricht in Holland and we really need your sponsorship!

The Challenge

So some idiot (Charlie Smith) came up with this idea and we all said ‘Hell Yeah!’… possibly a little too quickly.  But it is for a great charity so we are doing it!

The challenge is fairly straight forward – to cycle non-stop from London to Maastricht in under 30 hours!  We will be riding throughout the night in paired relays.  We aim to arrive by 17:00 on Saturday 10th May at Maastricht Town Hall to be greeted by the Mayor of Maastricht in person!

Recent training rides were not really that impressive!

The Team

The team otherwise known as The Slightly Less Than Magnificent Seven comprises of: Charlie Smith (our aged MD!) Lucy Crowther, Kristin Liebmann, Emma Gore, Cahal O’Reilly (representing Team Sherpa) Issabelle Stepski and Katie Walker.  It is an impressive line-up of would be Olympians… in tiddlywinks.
The Charity

Our Charity is The Kivuli Trust which builds hostels and classrooms on the premises of existing mainstream schools in Kenya, specifically for children with physical and mental disabilities.  We have chosen Kivuli as we wanted the funds we raise to go directly to the kids that need the help. 

A few facts:
• One in every ten children in Kenya is disabled
• Only 2% of these children go to school
• Disability is traditionally seen as a curse or a punishment for bad deeds in a previous life and a disabled child is therefore often hidden away, neglected and abused
• It costs under £1 to feed a child per day at Kivuli
• To feed, house and educate a child at a Kivuli hostel for a year costs just £300
• Just a £10 donation from you really will make a meaningful difference

Live updates on Facebook & Twitter
Throughout the challenge you will be able to follow our progress on Twitter and Facebook so that you can share, or at least laugh, at our pain!
Please Give Generously!

Every penny counts and will be gratefully appreciated.

You can donate via our Just giving page

Thank you for your kind support

All the best

Lucy & Team At Your Service