Influencing others in THEIR own style

Influencing others in THEIR own style

A White Easter as cold as Christmas. Banks ‘as safe as houses’. How (in)appropriate that seems in the current climate. Still, we have to keep the event business going and keep on making money!

Carole Railton FRSA

With this in mind, the subject this month has to be influence and how good it is for us all.

Let’s think for a moment about the voice and language. In order to know what your audience wants, you need to know how to listen to them. For example, lots of people are visual, and as such they use words to describe what they SEE. They talk about WHAT THINGS LOOK LIKE and how they can best get to VIEW something. Start to use words that are visual and that they can relate to. I SEE what you are saying. Tell me again about how you VIEW the layout of the room for the conference. When you have mastered this, something magical happens. The other person starts to like you even though they may not know why.

There are four types of conversation; Visual as above and the second is Auditory. People who favour this will use words like ‘it SOUNDS like this is the way it will go’. ‘I HEAR what you say, you want crackers with LOUD bangers in the middle’. The third one is about TOUCH. I need to FEEL this to understand. For the observant among you, the fourth can be found on my next training session or in a later article as its a little harder to explain in a couple of sentences...

How do you master this and persuade someone even more? Once you understand the dominant style of the person you are dealing with, and this includes partners and friends, you can have much more influence and fun! People instantly know that you are on the same wavelength as them and give you more of what you want because they are already getting more of what they want.

Last but not least, don’t forget to put at the bottom of your letters/emails; 'Look forward to hearing from you' as this covers the two most prominent types of conversation that you are likely to meet and begins the process of communication for you. Good Luck!

Carole Railton frsa

Global Behaviourist

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