Introducing Spacecube- A clever new event and retail concept, popping up around the globe!

Introducing Spacecube- A clever new event and retail concept, popping up around the globe!

Designed in Australia Spacecube, is a new retail space that is tapping into the global trend for Pop-Up or Flash retailing!

Spacecube's designer states that "we saw the need to create a portable, flexible and unique space that could be set up with ease, was secure, and visually stunning to mirror a clients permanent retail outlets or showrooms. A structure that could effectively take the store experience to unexpected places and locations. As a result, in collaboration with architects, engineers and interior designers we created Spacecube”. 

The Spacecube is based around the ubiquitous container for ready transport. The big difference is that the Spacecube has a high level of finish and is uniquely collapsible. This allows for multiple transportation of units and to minimise space when in storage.

The desinger went on to say that “while Pop-Up retail spaces is one of its primary uses it is by no means its only one” We see Spacecube as an interactive event space, display showcase and even extending into satellite offices or liveable space. We have created a modular design that allows for endless sizes and configurations”.

The Spacecube also comes with a range of enhancements that includes seamless fascia’s, solid panels, a range of floor coverings and the option of glass or acrylic all round the unit. This gives clients a unique ability to design their own Spacecube that can more closely capture the design and fit out of their fixed stores. It also comes complete with power and lockable double doors. 

The Spacecube has already gained immediate interest from a number of large clients including; VW, Dyson, Sussan, Toshiba and Peugeot.

It has also gained interest from overseas with distributors in the UK, US and New Zealand. 

Spacecube is available throughout the UK for Sale or Hire 

For further information visit Spacecubes website on or call

Andy Weir on Telephone: +44 (0) 1634 230034 .Mobile: +44 (0) 7885 889007