Kew Spice Season Supper Club with Atul Kochhar

Kew Spice Season Supper Club with Atul Kochhar

The Londonlaunchettes were lucky enough to be invited to The Kew Gardens Orangery by Peyton & Byrne for the ‘Kew Spice Season Supper Club’.

We arrived in Kew Gardens with a large appetite and ready for evening of spice! On our way to dinner we got to walk through the beautiful gardens up to the Orangery whilst the sun was beginning to set, making for a magical backdrop to the evening’s festivities!

As we arrived we were treated to cocktails on the veranda before being seated on a long table in the Orangery. The night started off with a speech from the chef Atul Kochhar, he spoke of his early life in India working for the family bakery and how it had inspired him, with his wit and charm Atul had us completely enthralled and ready to try the food. Being the first Indian Chef to receive Michelin Star at Tamarind restaurant and then earning his second Michelin star at his own restaurant Benares, we were very lucky to have him cook for us!

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With the wine flowing and conversation taking off we were ready for the first course. We started with chilled cucumber soup, a typically English dish but Atul brought it to life with black salt and spices. The next course of smoked duck accompanied by pear and spring onion chaat had Jayde and I wanting more. To satisfy our appetites we were served a dish of Spice roasted hand dived Scottish scallop with textures of cauliflower, which was an array of beautiful colours. Thinking that we had come to the end of dinner and as if it couldn't get better we were served a rack of Cornish lamb with polenta, pickled artichoke and spinach. Jayde and I spent the whole evening instagramming our food endlessly as it was just beyond what we had expected (sorry dad!) Finally, we finished the dinner with a cooling East Indian steamed yogurt with seasonal berries and we sat back in our chairs feeling suitably stuffed. 

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It was an evening of beautiful bright colours, stylish presentation and a mix of spices that had all of our senses working overtime, creating an amazing experience. The service provided by Peyton & Byrne always means we are in for a good evening but they really excelled this time. We can't wait for the next Food Club at The Keeper's House at The Royal Academy on the 29th July, 2015. To find out more details click here 

Olivia x