Key Trends in Corporate Meeting Management

Key Trends in Corporate Meeting Management

Key Trends in Corporate Meeting Management

The corporate world is increasingly dependent upon well-integrated meeting scheduling technology. 

The growth of mobile phone and tablet useage combined with greater flexible working and more dynamic meeting arrangements has created an environment where better scheduling tools for fixed meeting space, as well as flexible meeting space such as hot desks, is being adopted by many of the leading companies with large meeting facilities.

So what are the key trends?

  1. Scheduling via outlook by all staff where reception or the help desk are no longer having to make simple meeting room bookings.
  2. Integration with panels and digital signage to improve the communication, the ability to find space and the visitor experience
  3. Increasingly companies are using modern sensor technology to gain an accurate sense of how meeting rooms are actually used.  Typically there can be a big divide between booked space and what is actually used for meetings, in terms of numbers in attendance and time allocated.
  4. The mobile revolution is here to stay and increasingly staff and visitors are expecting a mobile experience for all elements of meeting and space booking

And let’s not forget for the first time in history, we are seeing up to five different generations in the workplace, from the Maturist to the Millennial workers.  These generations may share the same managers, rub shoulders in the same spaces and collaborate on the same projects - but that is where the similarities end.

The question for organisations is how can the different aspects of the new corporate workplace operate efficiently together, to achieve expected levels of productivity. 

Technology is a major facilitator in achieving these goals, if deployed correctly.  And for corporate organisations, seamless integration into everyday operations is key to success for everyone involved.

NFS has worked closely with leading corporate finance and legal sector clients, including William Fry, Slater & Gordon, AON and Dankse Bank, offering its Rendezvous Workspace solution to enable the efficient management of meeting rooms to continue delivery of superior customer service.