LiveTECH 2015

LiveTECH 2015

Everything you need to know about event tech under one (huge) roof!

There are only four reasons for technology...

Firstly, to make things easier. Secondly, to make things quicker. Thirdly to make things more efficient and finally, to make things more engaging (aka 'exciting'). Anything else is technology for the sake of it - gimmicky and, almost certainly, over complicated and, at best, a little bit annoying.

The events sector is no different. In a world where face to face is....well, frankly, absolutely everything, technology has to be used strategically and thoughtfully or it may end up compromising the very purpose of your delegates being in the room in the first place. Webinars, for example, were once thought to sound the death knell for many smaller face to face events, yet I've never 'attended' one because I can't think of anything else more boring than even scheduling one in my diary. I would, however, happily board a tube train at 100 degrees and sweat my way across town to meet with a small group of interesting people over a luke warm coffee. Weird, isn't it, especially as I'm the CEO of a hi-tech company, yet somehow human interaction is a refreshing change from staring at a screen.

So, that's essentially why we created LiveTECH, the technology for events masterclass, taking place on Wednesday 15th July at The Barbican.

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What we aim to do at LiveTECH is cover the four reasons for incorporating technology into your day to day events and present them in a short, precise, understandable and instantly actionable series of masterclass talks, all condensed into one morning at one of London's most dramatic event spaces.

The Barbican is a great big, gloriously and unashamedly ugly icon.  It's also brutal, bold and brilliantly located. And Loved by Londoners - numbers are up hugely this year as their versatile and flexible event spaces - from the auditorium to the indoor secret tropical gardens, offer corporates the best of both words - form and functionality. The Barbican is the hi-tech home of LiveTECH 2015 and we guarantee you'll discover event spaces you didn't even know existed...and your wifi connections will be super fast. Always make sure your venue has that or your delegates will be seriously pissed off from the moment they can't send that crucial (and inevitable) email. 

Throughout the morning sessions, we'll be hearing from the best of the best in terms of event tech and the idea is that you'll walk away with loads of new-found knowledge and ideas to put into action that very afternoon.

Lumi are the UK's original, pioneering, multi-faceted event technologists. With their heritage in voting software for public companies (itself a groundbreaking phenomenon back in the day), their team successfully combine technological know-how with robust (literally bulletproof) hardware and software solutions that cover everything from delegate interaction, to data capture, social aggregation, interactive real-time voting and so much more. Their team really is second to none and their simple, user-friendly off the shelf (or bespoke) apps and solutions (and essential, personable technical support) means that your event will be exponentially more measurable, engaging and therefore more successful, in every way. At LiveTECH, Lumi will be running through their 'Greatest Hits' of event tech solutions to bring you up to date with what you could, and probably should be doing from now on...

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People often make the mistake of thinking that event technology is all about apps and social media. Well, there's another more fundamental element that you'll overlook at your peril, and that's effective, affordable yet state of the art audio-visual. Indeed this is the foundation of everything technological at your event. From creating the appropriate atmosphere with quality light and sound to delivering your key messages in an impactful and inspiring manner to ensure your audience are engaged, regardless of how dynamic (or otherwise) your keynote speakers may be, Saville are our market-leading partners on the audio-visual delivery of LiveTECH and, putting it simply, they're going to blow your mind! With dramatic and tantalisingly immersive large formal projection, even the dullest of presentations can't help but inspire your delegates. Never under-estimate the impact a great AV partner will have on your event. Oh, and never under-estimate the impact an under-par AV rig will have on your event either...Don't even go there! Ever.

The days of the 'third party' hand held devices you sometimes find in the armrests of comfy seats in conference centres are over. Five years ago it was a real USP for a venue to have an in-house, closed network voting system linked to the big screen but smartphone technology has moved so quickly and has become such an intrinsic part of our day to day existence, that using anything but a phone or tablet is such an alien feeling that, I believe, it would kill engagement enormously. Recent events we've been involved with have achieved upwards of 80% engagement via a designated event app whereas only a year ago, take-up was less that half that. That's how quickly things are moving and that's why it's so important for your brand not to be left behind! Also, smartphones are where Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram (and maybe Tinder if you're really bored!) reside and what you really want is for your delegates to be extending your reach, publicising your event and narrowcasting/broadcasting your key messages to tens of thousands (if not millions) of people they are collectively connected with...

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So, we've established that your own hand-held device is where it's at and that's why we've teamed up with iSmash, the UK's leading smartphone and tablet repair company. From cracked screens to faulty buttons, iSmash will repair all your devices flawlessly, even blinging them up with colours that Apple don't even offer if you like, at a fraction of the price and while you wait! It's just an awesome, relevant and highly topical brand that's really going places. We'll have them at LiveTECH with their pop-up booth, so bring your broken devices and discover iSmash - once you've smashed you'll never go back!

Then we have highly learned and strategic keynotes of the instantly actionable kind with one of the world's leading experts on search engine optimisation, event amplification and measurement as well as a journey through the age of event tech from market leaders, Social Fuel, who will tell us which old-school apps are still worth nurturing and which new ones are very definitely worth tapping into to. Is snapchat better than periscope or are they completely different and complimentary to each other? If you were to focus on just two channels, what should they be? Or should you simply use an aggregator and go for the scattergun approach to self promotion? Social Fuel have all the answers and they might not be quite what you'd expect....

So there you have it. It's clear that you need to attend LiveTECH on Wednesday 15th July from 8am to 11am at the Barbican no matter how advanced you are. You'll learn everything you need to know in one action-rammed morning and you'll never look back. Oh, and it's free to attend so hurry and book now because we're nearly full!


Will Broome, CEO