London’s Newest Summer Event Space at Drapers’ Hall

London’s Newest Summer Event Space at Drapers’ Hall

The garden at Drapers’ Hall has long been a place of pride and beauty, to be enjoyed by guests at The Hall.

The old garden (pictured below) at Drapers’ Hall has been re-landscaped during winter 2015/2016 to create an even more functional & beautiful event space.


Despite being a beautiful haven in The City of London, the previous design did not lend itself well to the Company’s tradition of entertaining in the garden, the biggest weakness being the positioning of the central planters and pond which hindered the gathering of any significant numbers. 

The focus of the new design has been to soften the linear layout, create more space for people to gather (with 180 guests easily able to gather, as opposed to the previous maximum of 140 guests), provide step-free access into the garden and to overhaul the planting scheme; all whilst preserving the garden’s historic and serene atmosphere.

Drapers_Hall (1)
Concept image of the new Garden design at Drapers’ Hall

The new design incorporates echoes of past times, the circles and curves created by the planters and paths referencing the Tudor knot garden first created by Thomas Cromwell in the 1530s and then maintained by the Company.  The 17th century concept of garden houses and shaded areas for people to gather within and musicians to play, are reflected by the creation of garden ‘rooms’ with shaded areas.  The long tradition of planting fruit bearing trees and bushes continues, as is the planting of a wide variety of herbs, roses and flowering plants providing colour, scents and interest.  The historic mulberry trees of course have been retained, as have features as the water fountain and 1709 lead cistern.

The new garden is due to be completed Spring 2016, in time for the new space to new enjoyed for summer parties and soirees.

For more information about hiring Drapers’ Hall and the gardens please contact the events team on 0207 448 1324 or email