Partridge Events Presents: Interactive Projections

Partridge Events Presents: Interactive Projections

We are excited to launch our very own interactive, motion sensitive floor and wall packages. Using the latest in motion capture technology this eye catching feature can be adapted to work as a game for a kid’s event or add value to any event by creating a unique  experience.

Add some glamour to your event with a projected red carpet with paparazzi flash bulbs as your guests enter your party leaving a trail of golden stars behind them, or create a fun interaction with the floor set-up as a giant piano similar to that in the film ‘Big’.

We have a large catalogue of pre designed interactive animations covering all types of celebrations and themes for you to choose from including a reactive dance floor where the tiles change colour as they are stepped on, and a serene coral reef where tropical fish float around until walked on when they scatter away.  Or for a more unique experience we can customise bespoke graphics using your company logo or chosen images, such as a mass of snowflakes or brightly coloured baubles which, when walked over, scatter to reveal your company logo or Christmas message – Perfect for any festive event!

To see a video of this floor click Here

The floor can be used as a stand-alone attraction, or combined with themed props, lighting, audio, scent and Partridge flair to create an event that will WOW your guests.

Packages start at just £1,200.00 plus VAT including a support structure if applicable to darken the area of use (Interactive projections require reasonably low light conditions so are not suitable for daytime outdoor use)