Personal branding? What does that have to do with me?

Personal branding?  What does that have to do with me?

How do people see you? OK there are some visual elements, sure – size, height, colour, clothes, smile even, but this is the outside view.

What do they notice? Who cares? I am who I am!

Almost correct but not quite - you are unique.

There’s only one of you and only you can decide who you are and who you want to be.

Personal branding is about taking responsibility for how you feel about yourself and how you would like others to see you, no matter if you work for yourself or are part of a large organisation.

Black/white, large/small, charismatic/boring categorisations are totally missing the point.

People experience people – all aspects. What you see and feel is what you get. How do people perceive you? Are you consistent? Do people know what to expect? Do not hide behind colour, wealth, background, class because that is cheating, yourself and your clients. Think instead about how you can flaunt your qualities. 

Think about building a consistent reputation every time you meet people – at work, at an event, in the lift, at home, at the gym, everywhere. What can people expect from you and how can you deliver the real “you”? And you know what makes a difference? Consistency, clarity, belief in yourself, pride in what you can offer so you feel good about yourself, all the time, these are aspects that contribute to your personal branding! 

Everyone has a personal brand – but alas many do not realise how important it is. So throw away your misconceptions and start to enjoy the journey of developing your personal brand and highlight your special uniqueness!

Carole Railton FRSA

© June 2013