Second that emotion

Second that emotion

Technology is an everyday experience to share – so join the culture of smart thinking!

Robert Dunsmore, 08/04/13

Most of our day to day moments can be identified as “second screen” experiences and your event will be no different. As I write this, everyday retailers such as KFC, Starbucks and McDonalds are introducing “mobile wallet” payment via smartphones to drive up their “mobile” customer community. 

You will need to apply the availability of this “everyday" technology to any experience you deliver.

The implication of technology for your experiences now carries an expectation and fulfilment of normality. So make it simple - intuitive and orchestrate your content delivery. The time for digital experiment is passed – mobile technology is now part of your audience’s mainstream toolset, and they will demand it works - so curate wisely and plan it in. 

Second screen experiences located around your event environment are your invisible brand interfaces – they will amplify, engage, deliver choreographed content, interact and solicit a response.

Create a plan.

Consider your audience “journey” into or through your event space, and identify the viewpoints, breakpoints and touch points along their journey. 

Define the navigation approach to choreograph your content – and select the best display device (tablet device, PC or Kiosk ) to deliver the each portion of that content or solicit a response. Keep it comfortable, relevant and human, you are telling a story. 

Set guidelines and standards and apply a strict image and video handling strategy and apply consistently to reliable apps and presentations. Keep it simple, ensure it is robust (with/without Wi-Fi) - design then optimize for touch versus cursor usage.

Only use stuff if it works. Test thoroughly and brief your staff to ensure fluid intuitive “human” interaction.

Monitor reports and “live-data” during the show and see what your audience is interested in. React in “real time” to “real- life" events and maximise your investment. 

Second screen technology is very personal and very measurable, analytic tools are both available and accessible. Use the post show reports and allow the “data” to become your own personal “consultant" for strategic development of your event around your audience.

Everyday technology and second screen experiences should be second nature to enrich your event. So join in, and build event communities with - in the words of Smokey Robinson “a lifetime of devotion”.

I “second that emotion”.