Speak when you're spoken to...

Speak when you're spoken to...

All media channels want to talk to you, and increasingly they would rather do it "live"

Robert Dunsmore, 11/04/13

This development is a challenge for traditional media - how to build in real time interaction to bring their static media to "life" - and into our "lives" as a more personal "experience".

Our "live - experience" economy is an economy of one. It is a conversation, it's new and it is taking time to learn and harness for our audience of consumers.

"Live" is an opportunity for more meaningful connections in our era of continuous connection. Our second screen behavior has in turn, amplified our media channels into equally continuous opt-in "experiences". 

The recent Cross Media event at London's BDC and annual DOOH (Digital out of home) media awards at the IMAX on the south bank were both excellent events that took a first step towards this challenge. Cross Media centered around the benefits of an integrated approach to campaigns, relying heavily on digital input for their "live" content. The DOOH community is far more daring going beyond digital and creating interactive content to make their once static signage more engaging and relevant to their audience.

Benefits are delivered when the initial "story" planning is borne of a coalition of Creative Directors and Media Strategists to pool their insight and identify with the message - rather than the channel. A case of leaving "story-yelling" behind and opting into "story-telling".

Whatever the media channel, what they are doing is creating a "real life" event - just for a moment - that resonates and perhaps even delights – a personal "touch".

For life is more than just "real-time"- it¹s my time and your time and we are more than just consumers, we are an audience.