Spectacular Cake Goes Viral

Spectacular Cake Goes Viral

Cake artists from Peboryon stormed a recent NEC event with their spectacular nod to Star Wars. Usually more involved with designing luxury wedding cakes, their homage to Yoda drew international media attention, not least because the Jedi Master was levitating a wedding cake. Yes. Levitating.

Though the Peboryon team are experienced catering in cake for larger events, Yoda, (being just 2ft 2” tall) catered for only 600 with a body of boozy fruitcake and head, hands and cloak of chocolate. The wedding cake he levitated was a delicious lemon & elderflower sponge.

Peboryon’s remarkable cake sculpture was covered nationally by the BBC and ITV. Internationally, by The Today Show, Huffington Post, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Weddings and radio and TV channels in Europe and the USA. Geek forums worldwide ran rife with possible explanations of which Force was responsible for floating the cake.


For corporate celebrations Peboryon have previously created; Magna Carta (all 3,000 Medieval Latin words hand-written in edible ink), a gravity-defying life-size loggerhead turtle, and the largest find of Roman coins in the UK, complete with chocolate museum relics.

The design process is simple. Once engaged, the team at Peboryon will work with you to personally tailor your cake commission through private Consultation & Tasting appointments, and will craft an amazing centre-piece to showcase your unique celebration. Each piece is carefully hand-delivered to your event, whether in Moscow or Maidenhead.

Call today to arrange a private consultation in Peboryon’s London tasting rooms, and be the people that get to enjoy an edible masterpiece!

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