Stuck for Words? How to create great content

Stuck for Words?  How to create great content

At the heart of good PR lies interesting content. If you have interesting and relevant things to say, journalists will want to write about or interview you, people will want to follow and share you on Twitter, fans will love you on Facebook and audiences will come to hear you talk.

Yet time and time again I meet businesses who tell me they don’t have much to talk about. They struggle to even tweet even a handful of times a day. This, they argue, is because they aren’t innovating, their industry is boring or they just don’t have time.  

The reasons are varied but the bottom line is they don’t have compelling stuff to talk about and don’t think they can create it easily.

I want to dispel the view that content creation is really isn’t difficult to come up with interesting things; you just need to know where to look.

Let me give you some examples of how content is probably cropping up throughout the day for all types of business owners...

Accountants, solicitors, management consultants, training companies, IT companies  - indeed any of the ‘professions’  - will be able to get masses of blog and Twitter content from the daily business news, from business journalists on Twitter, Io D or CBI figures, conferences, government announcements, balance of trade figures, famous business figures pronouncements, mergers, acquisitions, economic indicators, industry news etc.

If you run a food related business you will be able to comment on crop prices, the weather, new recipes you are testing, new ingredients on the market, your menus, your suppliers, Master Chef, new restaurants that have opened up, dining trends, etiquette, health, obesity figures, customer feedback etc.

You can also take photos of your venue, your food, your ingredients...

Hairdressing, beauticians, health clubs, personal trainers, fashion-related businesses, boutiques, portrait photographers etc will be able to look to fashion and style writers for inspiration. They can comment on celebrity looks, who’s wearing what, red carpet events, fashions that are coming in, things no longer in fashion, trends... Photos in these sectors are an absolute content ‘gift’ – before and after photos (of happy customers who have given their permission of course!) are perfect for Facebook.  

No matter what business you are in, you can share thoughts or ideas that inspire you when you are at an event, or meeting or listening to an interesting person. You can share photos of your team doing things for charity. You can share observations on your industry or talk about great staff doing a great job. You can share hints and tips for customers, provide expert guides, create clever mini how-to guides...the opportunities are absolutely endless.

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Louise Findlay-Wilson is a regular speaker and commentator on PR and social media issues. The owner of Energy PR ( Louise has worked in PR for over 25 years.  During this time she has handled campaigns for major brands ranging from Galt, the BBC, Cap Gemini and St Paul’s Cathedral through to exciting start-ups and owner- managed businesses – helping them use PR including social media to accelerate their growth.