Ten reasons to choose a Dryspace inflatable structure

Ten reasons to choose a Dryspace inflatable structure


When deciding on a temporary structure for an event or promotion, it’s sometimes easy to stick to a conventional marquee option for fear of the unknown.

Will it work? What would the difference be? How will they set it up?

Here we run through ten reasons to make the change!

  1. Rapid installation times, we can fully install a structure from 10 minutes which will hold 30 people to our largest structure that holds 1500 in just 4 hours, This would take easily 1-2 days with a traditional marquee.
  2. 21st Century design, Marquees have been around for many years and all follow the same design ethos 4 walls and a roof, With Dryspace Structures we are able to create any design imaginable there are no boundaries.
  3. Environmentally efficient as we use the biggest free asset in the world ‘AIR’ as 90% of our structures is AIR. This also means that we only use small vans to transport and not lorries as you would with a marquee to transport their long & heavy steel poles.
  4. Duel membrane construction means better insulation properties, lower noise pollution and better wind resistance. All traditional marquees are single skin allowing noise to travel further and have less protection from the outside elements.
  5.  Limitless in size, all of our structures are designed to be modular by using linking tunnels we can create as much space as required for any event.
  6. Lighting, the beautiful structures can take on many effects over traditional structures by utilising the large in wall cavity’s, these can be filled with light creating a completely different feel at night from day, by using LED lighting changing colours of our structures is endless.
  7. Seamless, our structures do not require guide lines to keep them installed or large blocks around the perimeter of the structure to keep them tethered down, so there are no trip hazards in using an inflatable structure or unsightly objects as all weighting is hidden within the walls of the inflatable.
  8. Unique, our unique designs mean you are sure to make an impressions where ever you go as all of our structures will draw you in over a field of traditional structures perfect for product launches and brand awareness.
  9. Indoors, not only do we create stunning outdoor structures our range of indoor structures will take a empty room or dull place and transform it into an amazing space, creating meeting rooms, chill out spaces and stunning back drops can be achieved in minutes.

10. Dryspace Structures Ltd have many years experience in the events industry and the inflatable market and our expertise mean your event will run smooth and efficiently guaranteed, we have worked with major brands and agencies for many years and our knowledge in this field is second to none, we only use the very best materials as we strive to be the very best. Our designs and service offer ideas and flexibility that a lot of our clients thought impossible.