The Alexeeva & Jones Chocolate and Champagne tasting event!

The Alexeeva & Jones Chocolate and Champagne tasting event!

On the 17th June, Londonlaunch staged a unique Chocolate showcase event with Alexeeva & Jones in their Notting Hill shop.

VIP trade and corporate guests, including Ernst & Young, RBS, PWC, Mustard Catering and First Protocol enjoyed a showcase of the world's finest luxury hand-made chocolates prepared exclusively by eighteen of world's leading Chocolatiers. Alexeeva & Jones' resident Chocolate expert took the guests through a mouth-watering tasting, pointing out the intricate taste combinations that can be achieved.   

Guests were inspired to think about the different ways Chocolate can be used as a key part of  the event experience – from dessert to  tastings, corporate gifts  to team building and even chocolate sculptures.

Alexeeva & Jones can be found via their profile on Londonlaunch and are now officially available to corporate event organisers.  

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