The Bond experience at Blenheim Palace

The Bond experience at Blenheim Palace

Location: Blenheim Palace

Duration: Half Day (approx.4hrs) 

Type of Event: Team Building

Event Brief

Set within the stunning grounds of Blenheim Palace, delegates will be taught all the
necessary skills to turn them into “00” agents with a licence to kill - or thrill! The activities will be a variety of spy training challenges ranging from code breaking and defeating laser alarm systems, to sniper shooting and observation tasks.

The emphasis will be on creating a great fun experience for the entire group whilst in a safe and controlled environment where delegates are encouraged to participate at their own pace and within their own limitations. Each team will be competing against one another as they take part in their various training zones.

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Logistics & Timings

After the group have received their briefing from “Empire 1”, they will be broken down into smaller teams and then rotate around the different activity zones located within the Palace grounds. “Bond girls” will be on hand to help guide the delegates to their training zones. Teams will be met at their training zones by “Marlborough” agents who will help with their training!

Once teams have completed all their individual assignments they will return to their briefing room. There will be six different activity zones for the teams to complete, with each activity zone lasting approx. 30mins. This will allow a total event duration of approx. 4hrs including initial briefing and prize giving and awards. The delegates will be split into teams with the teams being allocated to each training zone. 

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Activity Zones

Code Breaking
Teams need to crack open safes set in the Stables, and de-activate bombs as the clock ticks.

Laser Room
A test of stealth and agility to get through laser alarms to reach the Blenheim vault.

Sniper Shooting
You’ll need a steady hand and keep your cool for the perfect shot!

Agents International
Your team will need to work together and use all their knowledge to identify, maps, flags and satellite images.

Thunderball Challenge
A test of communication and strategy as you need to overcome obstacles to construct a channel to release the key by the Grand Cascades!

Pistol Draw & Axe Throwing
A Marlborough agent needs to learn and perfect pistol techniques and silent weapons to defend against attack! 

Additional extras

To add that additional touch to the “BOND” experience we can provide look-alikes such as Jaws, Oddjob, Halle Berry and Sean Connery - a great way to set the scene!

A casino can be arranged for evening entertainment in true “Bond” style.

We can also arrange for an Aston Martin to be parked in the grounds of Blenheim Palace, to wow your guests on arrival.

Who will teach us?

All staff are experienced instructors, some with many years of military service in the British Armed Forces. In addition, our staff are first-aid trained and are highly experienced in providing this type of event. You can be sure that you will have a fun and exciting day in a safe environment.

The Marlborough Assignment Package

Prices from £205.00 per person for the four hour Marlborough Assignment.

The package includes:
A fork buffet lunch
Fair-Trade tea and coffee, served with Danish Pastries
Still and sparkling Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water Complimentary car parking for all delegates
(Minimum 10 paxs - Maximum 90 paxs)
Full lunches start from £45.00 per person

Accommodation is available Sunday-Thursday at the Feathers Hotel, Woodstock.
£93.00 Inc. VAT, and full English breakfast (rates may not be available during peak periods)

All rates are non-commissionable. 

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