The Latest from Our Girl About Town

The Latest from Our Girl About Town

Our Girl About Town at The Moveable Feast

We attend events in the hope of meeting someone new, however at most dinner type events we usually end up being placed at a table filled with people we already know and if are lucky to get a couple people that we don’t, we are usually stuck with them until the end of the evening or until the dancing begins.

The under 35s within the Lansdowne Club committee aim to create and organise a calendar of events that are good fun and provide a great evening for meeting new U35 members and their guests. Their first event for 2013 was the renowned U35s’ Moveable Feast, which was sold out, and a huge success - 30 gentleman and 30 ladies filled the stunning Lansdowne Club Ballroom with the aim to enjoy a lovely dinner and meet someone new upon every course.

The great thing about a Movable Feast is that between each meal the men get up and move a couple of seats over, depending on what number the wheel of fortune predicts. Before attending I wasn’t sure how the moving around would work and if it would be done in an orderly fashion, however after having experienced four moves which were all done swiftly and elegantly and having had the pleasure to sit near some interesting people and having embarked on some fulfilling conversations during each meal, I recommend more gala dinners type events consider taking this approach at their next event.

There was only one disappointment from the evening and that was the main meal. Not only due to the taste but also more importantly due to its texture - The meat was just too tough! It is hard enough as it is to impress another person these days, so having a mouth full of meat that is impossible to chew, doesn’t really make you more all the more charming. It is so important that at any event where dinner plays a big part of the event the chief and organisers take into huge consideration who is attending and why??? Apart from the wrong choice in main courses the rest of the meals were extremely delicious and satisfying.

It’s so nice to be at an event with people from a similar age and martial states – Single. Everyone was there to meet someone new in a non-rushed and civilized manner. Also everyone being members or knowing a member of The Lansdowne Club made the conversation flow more naturally and I heard many people arrange to meet up in the next couple of weeks for a game of squash or a game of pool. Over the course of the evening I had the pleasure of getting to know most of the people in the room, and by the time the feast was finished and everyone had gathered at the bar for drinks, it felt like we had all known each other for years The Lansdowne Club is truly a great place to meet new people and unwind after a long day at work. Look forward to spending more time there with the new friends that I made at the Movable Feast.