The Year of The Ram (Sheep, Goat)

The Year of The Ram (Sheep, Goat)

This weekend will see the Chinese New Year celebrated across the world and for those of you in London, be sure not to miss out on the biggest celebrations outside of Asia! 

Often referred to as the “year of the sheep,” this new year heralds the year of the symbol “Yang”, a broad Chinese character referring to any member of the (auspicious in Chinese culture) caprinae sub-family (including rams, sheep, goats). 

As such, the Chinese New year heralds a year of promise and prosperity and the team at Drapers’ Hall would like to wish our friends and colleagues every success! 

The Venue of the Ram 

Drapers’ Hall is fortunate enough to have the Ram as its emblem, as well as a rich history involving the trade of sheep’s wool and is therefore a fantastic choice for Chinese client events, business meetings and any event where good fortune and prosperity would be valuable. 

Drapers hall chinese new year promotion

Drapers hall chinese new  year Ram promotion


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