News loves a challenge! loves a challenge! are the providers of the iconic red Routemaster bus, for London events large and small! 

One intriguing enquiry came through from their website back in January.

The request was for a bus to be at the  launch event for the British F3 GT 2013, on the Old Brompton Road in London. So far, so normal, but this enquiry called for the bus to be wearing F3’s championship decals with customised destination blinds, front, back and nearside. Operations Manager Sam Winkworth takes up the story:   

“Our client was expecting to have to organise decals through their own supplier, but our team here was able to lighten their workload and save them some cash by commissioning the graphics work to be carried out by one of our partner suppliers, with the decals being fitted to the bus at our yard in High Wycombe. Our partners know all the dimensions of our vehicles, so they can work with the client to achieve exactly what’s needed.  The graphics were installed here on the morning of the event and removed the next day. All done with no fuss, and minimising the time the bus is out of action – which we can reflect in the price. We organised the printing of their customised blinds too.” 

As you can see from the photo, it looks like the bus enjoyed its day dressed up as a racing car! Though Senior Driver Malcolm, on duty for the event, says: “It may look like a racer, but these buses weren’t made for the racetrack. I always prefer to get you there in smooth, relaxed style!” 

Sam sums up the day for “It was a really special sight as the bus left our depot wearing its custom decals and it’s so satisfying to see everything come together so nicely after all the planning and organising put in by the team here, leading up to the day.  Our client said the bus looked great and they were really pleased with it. That makes my job a real joy.” – have you got an event challenge for us?