Venues in London

Venues in London

Venues in London and creating a great event 

Will Broome, CEO and founder of Londonlaunch 

Event venues have evolved. Whilst the classic, long established venues such as the grand Mayfair ballrooms and leading London restaurants have themselves adapted to the needs of the modern day event planner, a wide variety of alternative, unique venues have increasingly come to the forefront. Nowadays, innovative event organisers are pushing the boundaries of event creativity to ensure their events not only stand out but also stimulate their ever more sophisticated audiences. Of course, the basics need to be covered – location, accessibility, capacity and price, but the greater the visual impact of your event, the more it will lend itself to ongoing reach, publicity and brand ROI. Look around any successful event and your guests will be promoting your key messages through their phones and via the social networks – and that's a most powerful endorsement that all event managers should seek to embrace, and monitor, from the outset.

At we endeavor to seek out London’s most interesting and professionally managed venues, enabling you to benefit from raw innovation whilst maintaining peace of mind. Of course, there are contrasting styles of event venues on the scene, but whether it’s a conference venue or an uber-cool Shoreditch warehouse, both can be equally stimulating in their own way.

In summary, the vast majority of quality London venues have upped their game in sync with the demands of today’s competitive, demanding and analytic environment. Training days need to engage their target audience in the same way that a Supercar launch does. Whether your event takes place in an aircraft hangar, a marquee, a roof terrace or a meeting room, event organisers need three fundamental things to happen.  Firstly, they need their audience to want to attend.  Secondly, they need their audience to engage with the event and their fellow guests or delegates. Finally, delegates need to have had a great experience and subsequently tell the world they’ve had it.If those three basic goals are achieved, the event will have almost certainly been a success. Your event is a central focal point and a powerful face-to-face opportunity within a much wider campaign and a suitable venue in London is a crucial component.