Want to become more successful in life? Change your body language!

Want to become more successful in life? Change your body language!


Self-development is now so big, it surpasses gardening and football in the hobby stakes!

To help you on your way, let's look at your body language. With some simple adjustments you can enhance your communications to give yourself a better and more success life. But perhaps more importantly, you will send your clients a more powerful and long-lasting message. People are more likely to take on information if they believe the other person is authentic and confident. 

We will start from the bottom up, well from the feet up... !

Without your feet you are pretty unstable, so it makes sense that both your feet are on the ground for your stability. You are quite literally grounding yourself and this is the first ‘step’ in being real. Watch others to see if their feet are raised or moving around and then measure this against how much you trust them. Some people even twist their legs so tightly together taking their feet off the ground that there is no mistaking their nerves or discomfort. Whenever you are giving a talk, a presentation, appearing in court, or feeling unsure, here are some tactics to ensure you overcome nervousness and succeed.

Having your feet on the ground is a quick way to give you confidence and relax your body. Now that you are evenly balanced on both feet take a moment to imagine you have a heavy wool cloak or cape on your shoulders, this will have the immediate effect of pulling your shoulders back, and opening up your lungs which then also raises your head. The more you can imagine this, the straighter your body and the easier it is to communicate. With your shoulders straight, you breathe easier and are more relaxed. These tips work very well for actors who practice this before going on stage. It's true that you can ‘fake it till you make it’, and you can do this too!

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