What does your event social media say about you?

What does your event social media say about you?

Social media is a powerful thing, especially at an event, an event hashtag can enable your guests to interact before, during and after your event. It brings people together and helps them share their experiences with the outside world, pushing your brand further and further! 

TFI Group is an agency well known for innovation in the global events industry. Last week they added another string to their bow, winning a gold MIMA for their social media campaign #OutWithJose.

Before, during and after renowned tequila brand Jose Cuervo’s annual educational programme in Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Tequila, delivered by TFI, the hashtag campaign was used to enhance both the experiential nature and the online presence of the event. MIMA (the Meetings Industry Marketing Awards) recognised TFI not only for its subtle understanding of the mechanisms behind social media, but also in its creative and streamlined exposure of the brand. Combining a dedicated, on-brand website with live content generated around the event, #OutWithJose harnessed the positivity of attendees’ experiences to extend the programme’s impact and reach ever-wider audiences. The 200 Jose Cuervo attendees’ use of social media at the event in Mexico reached over 600,000 followers spanning 20 countries within weeks.

TFI Account Manager and the project’s team leader, Adam Said explains, “The MIMA judges could see that the project’s ROI was excellent given that the budget was modest. The award not only marks another milestone in an ongoing twenty-year partnership with Jose Cuervo, but also an increasing sophistication in TFI’s use of social media to support audience engagement. We can only do this kind of thing with a superb team and we have one of those.”

Next time you have an event what are you going to set your hashtag as? 

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