What the events industry *really* thinks about technology

What the events industry *really* thinks about technology

We asked the events industry how they feel about digital technology and it seems that we’re a pretty engaged lot. We know technology will soon be at the very heart of every event but there’s an understandably high fear factor. Will it be alright on the night? Will it break the budget? How do I know what to use?  We share our findings…and the solutions!

 Three-quarters of our respondents (76%) use Twitter at their events. No big surprises there but it seems that there are a few other tech solutions that are becoming the norm at today’s events too. iPad voting and event apps are used by 61% of our respondents in their events - a clear indication of a move in the right direction although e-ticketing and e-registration is currently still only used by around 45% of our respondents.

66% of our respondents view technology as being fundamental to events, yet only 18% incorporate technology into their event planning right from the beginning.

“Technology is as fundamental to an event as the venue and guests.” says Will Broome, CEO of LiveTECH. “By building technology in right at the beginning of your planning process, you will enhance your event and create a far more interactive, enjoyable experience for your guests. And, as an event planner, you will have the opportunity to gather vital data. Leave it to the latter stages of planning at your peril!”

A lack of budget (92%) and a lack of understanding (58%) are perceived to be the biggest barriers to incorporating technology into events.

But the lack of budget is a bit of a red herring, “Technology doesn’t have to break the budget, there are affordable options if you know what you’re looking for” comments Peter Heath, MD of LiveTECH, “Technology for technology’s sake is never going to be worth the money but if it is used to enhance your event, it’ll be money well spent”.

The technology fear factor still remains understandably high. It’s hard to keep up with the latest technologies and work out how they can be used at your events. The nagging ‘will it be alright on the night?’ questions can be hard to overcome. 

At LiveTECH we aim to demystify technology and give you information, advice and help to enable you to incorporate the right technology into your next event, within budget, without fear and with success.

Come along to our LiveTECH masterclasses led by the industry’s thought leaders, ask all those questions you’ve been afraid to ask in front of your boss and gen up on all things event tech. Your next event will be all the better for it.


The Londonlaunch event technology survey results

What digital technology do you currently use in your events?

Twitter 76%

iPad voting 61%

Event apps 61%

E-ticketing 46%

Registration 46%

Twitter wall 46%

Facebook 38%

LinkedIn 23%

Instagram 23%

Google Plus 7%


How do you feel when you hear about new digital innovations such as interactive touchscreens, RFIDs and Near-Field Communications?

Excited 33.3%

Intrigued 66.7%

Confused 8.3%


Do you keep up with the latest innovations and experiential technologies used in the events industry?

Yes I make sure I’m always up to date 50%

I try to, with varying degrees of success 42%

No, but I know I should 8%


How do you view technology when you’re planning events?

It’s fundamental 66%

Nice to have 25%

Worried it might not work so avoid it 8%


At what stage do you include technology when planning your event?

At the beginning – it’s fundamental 18%

During the creative process 82%


What do you think are the biggest barriers to using technology at events?

Lack of budget 92%

Lack of understanding so it’s easier not to use it 58%

Concern that it won’t work on the day 17%

Lack of human resource 8%


Do you use smartphone and/or tablet-based apps at your events?

Yes 67%

No but I’d like to 33%


How does your business currently use social media?

We use it all the time 54%

We should use it more but we don’t have time 27%

We don’t use it as effectively as we could do 18%


Who manages social media in your company?

It’s something we all contribute to 45%

It’s the role of the digital team 9%

We have a dedicated social media person 27%

Marketing department 36%


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