Cahoots Throw A Right Knees Up For Independence Day

This year, Soho's underground sensation, Cahoots is going all out to celebrate Independence Day, in true American spirit as they throw a right knees up for the 4th July, complete with Kentucky bourbon and marching bands.

The Cahoots team invite all scoundrels and starlets down to the station (providing you can find it!) to be-bop the night away under American bunting. A spiffing good time is inevitable, so grab your dame and let yourself be transported back to post-war 1940’s for this unmissable party.

Open from 5pm, the Captain will be welcoming guests as they make their way down the apples and pears and into the underground station, however, only if they are dressed to the nines. Let the shenanigans begin. Cahoots has teamed up with Jim Beam Double Oak, a new take on the classic Kentucky bourbon to create a rip-roaring celebration, complete with creative cocktails including; Seeing Stars & Stripes, Dreamboat Dolly and Liberty Liquor. Also on offer are Cahoots’ classic, dazzling cocktails, including black market liquor and other post-war favourites served in vintage hip flasks, milk bottles and tins.

From 7pm the entertainment begins, where guests can drink their vintage cocktails, whilst enjoying live performances from Lois, the all-American member of The Hotsie Totsies. Lois “Legs” Laurelle, who hails from Brooklyn is flying in especially from 1940’s New York to party with the scoundrels at Cahoots this Independence Day. Rumour has it that an American marching band will also be joining in on the evening, as if you needed any more convincing! This definitely calls for a knees-up, the way only Americans know how. So don’t be a fuddy duddy and lindy hop down to Cahoots underground station this Independence Day.

Event date: Tuesday Jul 4, 2017


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