Northern Fellowship- Daft Puddings

Jason Hartley took a step away from a career in branding and advertising and walked into a kitchen for the first time in 2009 at the ripe old age of 36 creating Amsterdam’s first pop up restaurant, introducing the city to the concept of brunch. 4 years later he was a multi-award winning chef-owner of his Lovefood HQ restaurant and cocktail bar. Now back in London he is launching his latest concept. Introducing The Northern Fellowship and their Daft Puddin’s - posh filled Yorkshire puddings. The Northern Fellowship is a global tale of togetherness with a story rooted in the middle age’s and celebrates all things Northern. His hand sourced small batch products from artisan farmers, producers, brewers and distillers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria combine with Jason’s unique multicultural inspired recipes in food and cocktails to provide his fun, accessible but refined new take on British street food launching as a gourmet ready meal line in 2017.

Event date: Thursday Feb 2, 2017


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