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Conferences Londonlaunch

10 cool conference centres

Ten of London's most unique and unusual conference and meeting venues. Choose inspiring conference venues to engage and invigorate your delegates.

Christmas Londonlaunch

10 Funniest Christmas Party Disasters

Part of the fun of the Christmas party season is that it'll all go horribly wrong! I mean, that's partly the point of the Christmas party isn't it?

Unusual Venues

10 great reasons to get outta town

Events are dead. Meaningful experiences, on the other hand, are kicking and screaming their way into our collective psyche because an event is no longer even an event if it doesn't excite everyone who's there whilst simultaneously pissing off those who couldn't be there.

Events Londonlaunch

10 Great Summer Event Ideas

Events are awesome! There was a time when that simple fact was enough and, actually, I still think it's enough. In an age of multi-screening and instant information (yes, we're all 'screenagers') an exciting and engaging 'coming together' is arguably more valuable than it has ever been before.

Bars Clubs Londonlaunch

10 London Lawns for Summer Parties

There's something distinctly British about a lawn - an expanse of beautifully manicured and glaringly green grass, which does absolutely nothing but provide a comfortingly and reassuringly uncomplicated space with no particular purpose whatsoever.

Events Londonlaunch

10 most fun London venues

Events are lots of things when they're done right. Exciting, engaging, effective, immersive and inspiring. But for all of these attributes to come together and make a good event a truly great event, there's a vital, all-consuming ingredient and it all comes down to three letters. F.U.N.

Unusual Venues

10 secrets to ensure your guests turn up

Top tips and clever techniques to ensure your guests turn up to your events. Put these great ideas into action and you'll never have to worry about your attendance rates again.

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

10 secrets to great service

When you're hiring staff for events, never forget they are your brand ambassadors. They spend more time with your guests than you do so make sure you hire the best.

Events Londonlaunch

10 Sensational Summer Event Ideas

As we shuffle off the tube, rigid beneath layer after layer of utterly ineffective drapery, the icy wind scouring our frosted faces and our frozen fingers reflecting our fractious fervour to just. Get. Inside. Our sentiments turn to summer with its warm seasonal sensibilities and sumptuous sun fuelled spiciness.

Unusual Venues

10 stylish ways to make an entrance

A recent survey we initiated suggested that 'location' had dropped to the number three consideration when planning an event. This was interesting but not surprising because there are now so many great options in terms of transportation. Whereas it used to be the tube or a taxi (unless you wanted to really blow the budget), now it's far easier to push the boat out (excuse the pun).