Christmas party ideas

Welcome to the Christmas blog. Full of ideas, hints, tips and tricks to make your Christmas party go with a bang.

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Affordable Christmas Party Venues in London

We all have to work to a budget. Here are a few of our Christmas party venues in London for the cost conscious.

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Unique and Unusual Christmas Party Venues in London

Ideas and Inspiration for Unique and Unusual Christmas Party venues in London

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Traditional Christmas Party Venues in London

You can't beat a Traditional Christmas Party. Take a quick tour of London's finest traditional venus where you can hold your Christmas Party.


The best luxury Christmas party venues in London

When it’s been a good year, your staff deserve an incredible Christmas party. And we’re going to level with you here – party hats, paper cups and a bit of tinsel in the office won’t cut it. You need to think big – and think different.


Christmas sorted: Why London's Livery Halls are the must-book venues of the season

If you’re looking for wow-factor and grandeur for your Christmas event this year, there are few venues as magnificent as the Livery Halls in London. The original ‘venue’ spaces in the city, they’re steeped in history and tradition, some dating back as far as the Middle Ages.

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Grand reveal of London Christmas Party survey

Register to attend the London Christmas Party Show and find out the latest trends in Christmas Parties


What makes the perfect Christmas party?

You may think it’s a little early to think about Christmas, but if you want to plan a memorable Christmas party, you’ve got to get ahead of the game. At The Mermaid London, they want your Christmas party to go off with a bang! So, we’ve pulled together these tips that’ll have you Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree in no time…

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Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas

So here we are, it's October and we're talking about Christmas. It's like the adverts that come on TV this time of year and everyone always says the same thing "I cant believe they're advertising Christmas already, its ridiculous" It's not ridiculous, its Christmas. The best time of year, come on people feel the festivity

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10 Funniest Christmas Party Disasters

Part of the fun of the Christmas party season is that it'll all go horribly wrong! I mean, that's partly the point of the Christmas party isn't it?

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10 Alternative Christmas Ideas

When it comes to Christmas, everyone wants to be different. Except it turns out you probably don't. That's because being different sounds like a great idea until you realise that it's more trouble than it's worth and you end up booking another rubber chicken dinner!

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