London Venue Performance Report

London's Venue Benchmarking Report

Compare your Venue's Performance against other London venues using Londonlaunch's unique benchmark report.

  • Benchmark your venues' performance in 5 key areasĀ 
  • Receive personalised Venue benchmarking against your competitors
  • Understand where your Venue is strong and where you need to prioritise investment

What is Performance Benchmarking? How does it help me?

  • Performance benchmarking is a way of comparing and measuring your venue's performance against your competitors.
  • Our KPIs include: 1) Number of events by month, 2) Size of events (number of delegates), 3) Type of event, 4) Average Price Per Head (PPH) and 5) Post Code.
  • Each month you'll receive a personalised benchmarking report comparing and measuring your performance against that of your competitors.
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