Drink Less But Better with The Perfect Cellar

Drink Less But Better with The Perfect Cellar

Let’s be honest – when it comes to New Year resolutions it’s sometimes the thought that counts rather than the execution... We all promise to treat our bodies better, to hit the gym and cut out alcohol but when push comes to shove we know the opening notes of Eastenders and a bottle of wine in with the girls is sometimes more alluring than the tread mill!

Which is precisely why The Perfect Cellar have made this year’s resolution easy to make and a pleasure to keep! Being a social guru can make cutting out the vino a difficult feat so we’re encouraging our customers to drink less but better quality wine and so feel better about what their putting into their bodies.

The terms ‘organic’ and ‘biodynamic’ get thrown around so often these days but rarely does anyone know what the consequence is for our food and the result on our bodies. Cheap supermarket wines and huge brands produce grapes in massive quantities by harsh farming that strips soil of nutrients and individual character. The chemicals that are used can make their way from the soil into the grapes and then the wine, making them not quite dangerous but surely unhealthy!

Organic principles of farming prescribe that no chemicals are used in the vineyard. You can be sure that wines from a certified winery will have minimal sulphites, as no additional amounts are permitted. Biodynamics takes organic principles to the next level, combining science, philosophy and holistics. Biodynamics sees the vineyard as an ecosystem involving not just the vines and soil but also the wildlife and microbes, lunar cycles and astrological movements. Although it is scientifically unproven and some people say this method of farming is slightly barmy, blind tastings have demonstrated that biodynamic grapes can produce better wines.

For an affordable example of the clarity and purity produced using both organic and biodynamic principles, try our sensational range of Burgundy wines by Domaine Decelle-Villa.

All in all you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, the economy and yourselves by switching to sustainably farmed wines. Not a bad resolution to make for the New Year, eh?

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