How it works

At™we help you create great events by giving you direct access to the latest ideas, trends, reviews, blogs, research and, of course, the very best venues & event service providers, at the lowest possible trade prices. Check in daily to discover a different selection of ideas on our homepage, every time!

You can navigate the site in a number of ways...

If you know exactly who or what you’re looking for, use:

  • The main keyword search at the top

If you want to piece together an event yourself, use:

  • The homepage top-level categories (venues, catering, production etc). You’ll then have the opportunity to be as specific as you like when choosing your event partners, narrowing down the search as you go and saving the ones you like on your event short-lists (which can all be named)

If you want help to get you started, use:

  • ‘Build your event’

If it’s inspiration you’re after, use:

  • ‘Be Inspired’ 

If you want to put your event (or elements of it) out to tender, use:

  • 'The Event Pichboard'™

We also want you to get involved so that, as an industry, we can become ever more professional and push the boundaries of creativity to ensure all of our events are both effective and memorable. So do get stuck in and be an active “Londonlauncher”™.

'Build your event'

Our unique ‘Build Your Event’ section will help you start the event planning process from scratch.  We’ll talk you through all the things you’ll need to consider and give you easy access to relevant venues, suppliers and ideas to get the ball rolling.

Don't know where to start? Well, 'Be inspired'!

Our ‘Be inspired’ section does exactly what it says on the tin. With hourly updates, ideas, venue openings, invitations, offers, exclusive packages and so much more, you'll be able to check in any time to kick-start the creative process! You can even set your preferences so that you're tapping into stuff that's relevant to you. Our ‘Be Inspired’ wall is entirely editorial so our team will keep you abreast of the most exciting and groundbreaking stuff the events industry has to offer, every day!

The Event Pitchboard™ - Registered, Relevant & Reputable.

If you know what you want to achieve but don't have the time or inspiration to start from scratch, why not let the industry come to you? With only the very best, vetted, venues and event service providers on board, why not use our unique Pitchboard™ feature to put your event out to tender within our confidential and closed professional network? Only registered, relevant and reputable companies will be able to access the details and respond directly and confidentially to you, within the Pitchboard™ area. It's a great way to engage with the best of the best in the trade and to start new relationships on a highly relevant footing!