Introducing the ultimate mobile DJ system...

Introducing the ultimate mobile DJ system...

Spinkit is a revolutionary mobile DJ system designed in Holland, now available in the UK through Young Guns.

Powered by battery, this cleverly designed DJ console on wheels allows the DJ to perform amongst the audience, creating a more intimate experience than a conventional DJ set-up. It is swift to set up, practical to use, with a powerful crisp sound.

Director of Young Guns, Dominic Lyon states:

'We are always looking at fresh ways of tackling genres and are delighted to have secured the rights for Spinkit which will be a real game-changer in the UK."

With 50 events booked per month in Holland, the team is optimistic that Spinkit will fill an obvious niche in the UK market.

Spinkit will be available with either a male or female DJ and is particularly appropriate for festivals and experiential events. The style can range from chill-out to upbeat party music; a saxophonist can be added and branding opportunities are also possible.

For more details on Spinkit, contact Young Guns on 0207 4956606 or by email.

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