Shout About London launch party

Shout About London launch party went along to Shout About London's launch party at the amazing DSTRKT club and it’s safe to say, we were impressed!

Cocktail-making with the Liquid Chefs, ladies dancing with swords (yes, really) and the very entertaining David Brent and Gareth Keenan lookalikes who were brilliantly hilarious. 

The Office lookalikes

Delicious canapés were provided by Lotus Events Catering whilst shots of Silver Rocks Vodka were poured into a stunning Shout About London ice sculpture and vodka luge, provided by PSD Ice Art Ltd. There was also the choice of the fabulous D1 London Gin for those who preferred!

Vodka luge

Shout About London screened their fantastic experiential marketing video starring a man in a black morph suit, which cleverly symbolised their logo, (you need to watch it…) who made a surprise live entrance at the party.

It was a great night, with plenty of entertainment, which showed off exactly what Shout About London is all about… being on brand!



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