The Art House at the Saatchi Gallery

The Art House at the Saatchi Gallery

GSP, together with “rhubarb”, showcased their creative flair to deliver The Art House, a unique event, which took place at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea.

Inspired by the arts, the evening brought together top industry talent for a truly remarkable evening that journeyed through ‘The Art House’, from the garden to living room, kitchen and garage. 

Saatchi Art HouseIn the garden guests mingled within the box hedges and topiary trees by Mary Jane Vaughan, listened to birds chirping and chatted to enthusiastic botanists.  Edible gardens made of pea purèe, pea shoots on a bed of edible soil; fillet of lamb marinated in shallots and honey served on branches of rosemary alongside a superb smoked halibut gribiche were enjoyed and washed down with make-your-own Garden Martini’s by Pernod Ricard. 

Onto the living room, houseguests were welcomed with live commentary by Bearded Kitten, forming a real-time reality programme through a large retro TV screen. Over-sized mirrors and sofas by Great Hire allowed guests to sit down and relax.

Saatchi Art House dining roomIn the heart of the house, the kitchen was full of cooking action with chefs working hard at the stove, serving a collection of beautiful dishes including cheese soufflé with English asparagus and minted peas alongside Cornish crab with black tomato and compressed cucumber and tuna tataki with ponzu and edible flowers.  For dessert, strawberry and basil and lemon sherbet mousse were on hand, alongside pretty-as-a-picture cronuts, macaroons and frozen yoghurt lollies.

Saatchi Art House foodFinally, in the garage, the tunes set the atmosphere while guests gathered in the hangout area, enjoying drinks on chalk poseur tables and got involved with the art of graffiti. A dressing up box served as fantastic props for the photo-booth, which extended the experience, allowing guests to take home a piece of the evening.

‘The Art House’ was created n partnership with “rhubarb”, GSP Events and the Saatchi Gallery – now every other house seems boring in comparison.



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‘The Art House’ event was in collaboration with “rhubarb”, GSP Events and Saatchi Gallery

  • With thanks to Ficklestix, Mary Jane Vaughan flowers, TMAV, Great Hire, Pernod Ricard, Corney & Barrow, Bearded Kitten, Graffiti Life, Gallowglass Security, EMF; Shok, Kontekst, Nukleen, Jam Staffing and Pommery


Further information contact Francesca Smalley or Eleanore Longley at Roche Communications or T: 020 7436 1111