White water rafting with Cavendish Hospitality

White water rafting with Cavendish Hospitality

For a fantastic, unique team bonding day out, head for the Olympic white water rafting course. Hit the rapids and have some fun!

On Thursday 22nd May, Cavendish Hospitality launched one of their most sensational activity days yet – White Water Rafting at the Lee Valley Olympic White Water Centre.

For one of the most exhilarating day’s (or even half day) corporate team-building experiences you’d have to go a long, long way to beat this one!

The day began mid morning on the veranda of the beautiful new club-house, overlooking the Olympic course. It’s literally like being at Alton Towers, overlooking the Rapids Ride, but this time it’s serious! Our briefing was both intriguing and informative, expertly punctuated (if that’s not an inappropriate word in a review about inflatable rafts?) with just enough humour to avoid it becoming scary!

We were then split into teams, (wet)suited and booted (itself a fun, bonding experience) and led to the water’s edge. A familiarisation exercise with our boat (in my case, No.5) was followed by a leap of faith into the foot of the rapids to practice ‘safe floating’ (basically feet first) before clambering into the raft. And that’s when the fun really started.

White water rafting at the Olympic Park with CavendishTravelling up the rubber conveyor belt, oars aloft (in the boat) reminded me once again of the Grand Canyon Rapids Ride at Alton Towers and then we reached the top.  Our first run down changed that perception because it was so much more real.  And so much more fun! Yet we shot down those raging rapids in a safe, strategically designed, man-made environment. The guides (including our raft skipper) ensured that the whole experience was fun and, to a certain extent, fearless. We were all novices and judging by the expressions on our faces, we all loved it! One of the rafts even capsized, spilling it’s contents (eight people!) into the river – and it was great fun! It was almost disappointing not to have been thrown overboard which is testament to the fact that it was an all round enjoyable, relaxed and super-safe affair.

White water rafting at the Olympic Park with Cavendish (1)The day came to a close following a sensationally tasty (and well earned) Barbecue on the terrace, an awards ceremony (yes, we even had a series of races!) and a ceremonious viewing of the (excellent) photographs after which we were presented with a personalised disc relating to our specific boat.

We certainly felt a tangible level of camaraderie afterwards too, even though none of us knew each other in the first place. When you’ve been sideways in a raft, in a wetsuit on top of your colleagues (legally), you’re never going to forget the experience! 

So, what are you waiting for?  For a fantastic, unique experience this summer, contact Cavendish Hospitality and shake things up a bit!


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