LiveTECH 2014 review

LiveTECH 2014 review hosted LiveTECH 2014, in collaboration with our content partners George P Johnson, to help demystify event technology, give delegates an overview of future tech and provide practical tips on getting the most out of social media.

Initial stats

  • LiveTECH was attended by almost 200 event industry suppliers and bookers.
  • 77% of the LiveTECH delegates rated the content as very good/excellent.
  • ‘How to use social media’ was the most popular session with 68% of delegates choosing it as the most useful/interesting.  Full stats to follow

Watch the LiveTECH 2014 round-up:

Technology simultaneously presents the events industry with its biggest opportunity and, paradoxically, it’s biggest problem. The opportunities to improve your events through the use of technology are infinite and, with event technology is in its infancy, these opportunities are growing every day. The problem event bookers face is knowing what’s out there, what works and, crucially, what technology is genuinely going to improve your event.

“It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest technology and know how to use it effectively.  We host LiveTECH once a year to give industry professionals the opportunity to learn from the pioneers in this space,” says Will Broome, CEO of Londonlaunch, “It’s about giving people practical advice which they can apply to their events immediately”.

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