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Events - Not an Exact Science...

Events - Not an Exact Science...

Imagine your perfect venue. What boxes would it have to tick? Somewhere conveniently located? Somewhere suitably inspiring? Somewhere flexible? Somewhere fun? Somewhere cool? Somewhere your guests will really want to go to? Somewhere exciting, engaging, mind-boggling, immersive, spectacular, visually stunning? Somewhere that reflects the innovative nature of your brand? Oh, and somewhere flexible and affordable of course.

If only there was somewhere that combined the impossibly edgy (yet often completely impractical) blank-canvas urban-style space that a warehouse offers, with an in-built world-class 'Wow factor' to engage guests, as well as a surreptitious educational element designed to furnish delegates with a fascinating new knowledge base (that they will inevitably tweet the crap out of!) all courtesy of your forward thinking brand! If such a venue existed, then surely you've been insightful enough to have staged an event there already, right? Wrong! Well, even if you have, chances are that you haven't done it recently and I bet you haven't capitalised on the wide variety of the opportunities I'm about to unveil!

Dinner med (1)

You've probably guessed that there is such a venue in London, which encapsulates all of the above, because I must be going somewhere with this, surely? Well, there might be but I'm not gong to mention it by name. Not just yet anyway.

From the towering and awe-inspiring central atrium (complete with gigantic circular LED wheel, which is entirely personalisable) that greets you upon arrival, to their utterly awesome 400 seater IMAX auditorium, this venue is everything you'd ever imagined and more. Much more. On a grand scale.

Anntenna Dinner (1)

But, it doesn't have to be that way. Yes, this venue is perfect for large-scale events for up to 500 and beyond but it's equally impressive, if not more so, for smaller groups and not many people know that. Imagine a table of 50 seated beneath a NASA rocket, emblazoned in your corporate colours or, better still, projection-mapped as if its carrying your corporate logo into deep space; or the world's first steam locomotive waking from a two hundred year slumber and cranking into action during your corporate cocktail reception for 100 flabbergasted guests. How about a group of 150 discovering together how a gigantic wooden wheel was responsible for early communication with submarines or how scarily egg-shell thin the fuselage of a 747 is via a real-life cross section of a British Airways Boeing 747!?

Science Museum rocket

From aeronautical engineering to interstellar discovery, digital communication to medical innovation and a whole lot more, this iconic venue which constantly reinvents itself, never ceases to surprise and delight anyone who visits from an eight year old child to an eighty year old senior Partner (or maybe they just felt that old until they arrived here!). It's one of those rare places which inadvertently teleports us all back to our childhood - a magical age of unabashed exploration and discovery. It's genuinely exciting...


So, this incredibly versatile and hi-tech venue (you can even display your delegate lists and table plans on large interactive screens strategically hung around the venue) is also visually spectacular and sensationally engaging - the perfect environment for truly memorable London events. Whether you're planning a presentation on London's largest IMAX screen to four hundred delegates or want to host a magical dinner for thirty amongst twinkling stars and the mysterious celestial world of the Cosmonauts (a Russian lady just did this for a lavish private party), this one classic, yet almost impossibly inspiring and hi-tech venue has it all.

Science museum auditorium

For all sorts of reasons (and not just Professor Brian Cox!), science is cool again and the curators of this wonderful mecca of scientific innovation have created an expansive treasure trove of iconic artefacts which draw you in and, wherever possible, freak you out by uncovering and celebrating the most electrifyingly expansive feats of human innovation...

In many ways, it's the only museum that looks to the future because of the past whilst all the others do the exact opposite. I think you'll find your brand does that too! So when you're planning your next event, why not push the boundaries and reach for the stars. You'll discover it's totally worth it...

Energy Hall Reception

Oh, and there's an amazing in-house Science Shop too which means that you can create the most exciting goody bag of all time to extend the experience immeasurably...

In summary, this magical 'Cathedral of Science' (not to be confused with 'Scientology', of course!) is so ageless and iconic that it doesn't even need to be mentioned by name and that's why you know exactly where it is, even though I haven't even name checked it once...

Dinner under plane

Discover a world of event opportunities at the Science Museum here.

Will Broome, CEO

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