10 Reasons why it pays to have your caterer as your event manager

10 Reasons why it pays to have your caterer as your event manager

Using your caterer as your event manager has major benefits

10 Reasons why it pays to have your caterer as your event manager

Planning an event involves so many moving parts and suppliers that it’s challenging to manage and usually proves expensive.  Minimalise your spend, time and stress levels by choosing your caterer as your event manager (or vice versa).

The three primary considerations are usually:-  cost control,  suitable suppliers for various functions and delivering on time.  So having your catering, event management, planning and delivery under one roof ensures that these goals are achieved.  

Let's explore how these departments work together.

1. Communications

Because the list of those involved in planning and executing an event is long, effective communication between all parties is essential to a smooth planning process as well as a slick delivery on the day. Liaising with one central AC event manager who will work with colleagues on your behalf saves time, stress and money. 

2. In-company specialist

Having in-house specialists are key to a smooth operation.  The AC has chefs, designers, planners, tech team, staffing and transport specialists to provide everything you need. We also have experts in weddings, Asian catering, corporate and private events.

3. Creative alignment

Using our in-house specialists to successfully align the food and drink requirement with the design, production and the rest of your event saves time and money, plus it offers a more successful outcome particularly for themed events.

4. Venues

Caterers work in a huge variety of locations and amass incredible knowledge and experience of the best available sites.  With well over 35 years’ experience of working in venues in London, around the UK and the rest of the world our venue contacts are second to none.

5. Fluidity

A smooth event depends on great organisation, so the ability to translate client knowledge and requirements throughout numerous departments is invaluable and easier to do when one company handles everything. 

6. Brand awareness is key

The time it takes to inform and educate a group of suppliers can be lengthy, so passing your ethos onto a single event manager will not only save endless hours of explanation but can avoid conflicting, unhelpful messages.

7. Ease of company choice

Selecting one or two great companies is easy; finding several is much more difficult, costly and time consuming.

8. Budgets and supplier discounts

As caterers, designers and event managers we do so many events that we have knowledge and access to great supplier deals not generally available so we can help you stay inside your budget and achieve a great ROI.

9. Tastings and meetings

Why waste time having four meetings when you can have one?  We aim to combine the food tasting with the opportunity to decide on a variety of other things while sitting down to sample your delicious food choices.

10. Happy, satisfied guests and management

This blog is a guest blog provided by one of catering partners, The Admirable Crichton - you might know them as The AC.

The AC is one of London's most famous and long standing caterers who also understand the benefits of good event management (having been on the receiving end of some not so good event management themselves).


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