Sales and marketing solutions for London's venues and event suppliers

Helping you target people who create great events

Londonlaunch has been helping venues target event buyers for over 10 years. We generate sales, raise awareness, engage and interact with your audience and provide you with measurable sales and marketing tools, channels and ways to engage and target your audience.

We do this in the following ways:

Inbound - Sales lead generation:

Our market-leading online platform has been developed with over 10 years worth of data, trends and experience and is optimised for the modern event planner, who usually starts their search online. We make sure your profile matches the search criteria of our online customers and you are presented in the best possible way. We also provide you with statistical data to help improve your online/profile performance.

Outbound - Targeted Marketing

Our range of targeted marketing services and tools are designed to suit every business, budget and campaign. We can even help you design the strategy.

They consistently achieve the highest levels of engagement and ROI in the industry and we have experience in helping you build the best campaign to meet your objectives. We produce in-depth reports to help you maximise each campaign element, ensuring maximum ROI.

Insight & Benchmarking

Our range of Insight products and services including the unique and revolutionary Venue Performance Report add a level of depth and understanding to your business. By using benchmarking data, you can evaluate how your venue is performing against the market and your competitors.

Find out more about our benchmarking report here

Support - Personal Account Management

Every quarter, your account manager will schedule a call or meeting to discuss your profile and campaign activity’s performance. We will look to constantly improve as well as explore ways to support you with your campaign objectives.


Londonlaunch can help you take more control of your direct sales pipeline by focusing on your digital marketing. We know your market, your customers and how they behave online. We can offer you guidance and expertise that cover all elements of your digital marketing programme including:


Website Analysis

Understand how Google rates your company's web site and what improvements you need to make.

Keyword Analytics

Ensure you rank for all keywords that match your business objectives and focus. 

Your Audience & Insights

Understand your audience and your competitors.

Find out what your rivals rank for and why and find out the trends of your key target audience.

Gap Analysis

Where can you gain traction and quick wins?