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About London conference venues

This is the start of your journey to find the perfect conference venue in London for your business. There are plenty to choose from and they are the staple venue for all event organisers.

Many conferences are held in venues that were not specifically built with conferences in mind but with clever event/space adaptation they can add something different to your event. Hotels are probably the most sought-after conference venue type because of their one-stop-shop offering, but if you want to get creative, London is awash with amazing venues that can be used for conferences and meetings.

Having said that, London has plenty of dedicated venues to offer and we'll help you find the best conference or convention venue for what is essentially an educational style event.

You'll have key leadership figures delivering inspirational conference content so you will need your choice of the conference venue to benefit your audience and subject as well as your leaders. Choose carefully and creatively.

Whether you're looking for unusual, unique, modern or funky conference venues in London, we can find the best place for you. Large or small conference venues are all part of our portfolio, so we can deliver the top conference and meeting venues in London to you.

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Other types of venue that can be used for conferences: