10 ways to get a seat at Wimbledon 2019

10 ways to get a seat at Wimbledon 2019

How to get a seat at Wimbledon

Understandably, getting tickets to Wimbledon is pretty tough. However, there are a surprisingly large number of ways to make sure you get a seat at Wimbledon 2019, from befriending the Royal Family to simply camping out in The Queue.

Would you like to attend Wimbledon 2019? From buying tickets online to qualifying as a Wimbledon steward, we’ve put together a list of 10 ways – from the realistic to the almost impossible – to make sure you get a seat at Wimbledon 2019.

Spend a night camping in The Queue 

The Queue might not be the easiest way to get Wimbledon tickets, but it’s one of the most iconic. Wimbledon is one of the only prestigious tennis tournaments in which tickets are available on the date of play – for those that queue up, that is. 

Waiting in The Queue is more than just waiting in line – it’s a true experience. If you want one of the 500 Centre Court tickets available to the public for each of the first nine days of The Championships, you’ll need to spend the night camping in line. 

Pack a comfortable sleeping bag, a book or tablet to keep you entertained, a picnic lunch for the next morning and a change of clothes. Joining The Queue might not be the most comfortable way to get Wimbledon tickets, but it’s certainly a lot of fun. 

Qualify as a player (or become a steward) 

One way to ensure you attend Wimbledon is to qualify as a player. While there’s no chance you’ll qualify for one of the show courts, skilled tennis players might – that’s a serious might – be able to qualify for a match on one of the outer courts. 

If you’re not a world class tennis player, don’t worry – there are still plenty of other ways to get tickets to Wimbledon 2018. In addition to qualifying as a player, you can become an umpire or steward, although there’s lots of competition for both jobs. 

Ask your local tennis club for tickets 

Wimbledon tickets are given out to many of the UK’s top local tennis clubs, and if you’re a member you could receive free tickets to The Championships. Club tickets are usually given out through a private club ballot that’s only open to members. 

If your club is giving away tickets to Wimbledon 2018, enter into the private ballot to give yourself a chance of attending. Although the odds are slim, they’re certainly better than the odds you’ll face in the more popular public ballot. 

Enter the Wimbledon Public Ballot 

Every year, Wimbledon tickets are given out to members of the public through the famous Public Ballot. A limited quantity of tickets are given out through the ballot and the number of entries is huge, making the odds of winning extremely slim.

Despite the fanciful odds, entering the Public Ballot is a fun experience. The prize tickets are assigned randomly, meaning you won’t be able to choose the court you get access to or the date you’ll attend Wimbledon. 

If you can tolerate the low odds of success and the random ticketing, enter into the Wimbledon Public Ballot. There are separate ballots for UK residents and overseas entrants, giving you a chance at winning even if you’re not based in the UK. 

Purchase debenture tickets online 

Don’t want to wait in The Queue or deal with the public ballot’s poor odds? One of the only ways to guarantee yourself tickets to Wimbledon 2019 – along with plenty of perks – is to purchase tickets from a Wimbledon debenture holder. 

Debenture holders – financial supporters of Wimbledon – receive a pair of tickets to the Centre Court or No. 1 Court for the duration of the tournament. Unlike all other Wimbledon tickets, debenture tickets can be resold and are available online. 

In addition to granting you a pair of seats on the Centre Court or No. 1 Court on the dates you’d like, debenture tickets grant you access to the debenture lounges for a more exclusive Wimbledon experience. Tickets can be purchased through online marketplaces such as WimbledonDebentureHolders.com

Ask a corporate sponsor for tickets

 A limited number of Wimbledon tickets are bought by large companies, particularly the Official Suppliers of Wimbledon. If you work for – or with – one of the companies that receive Wimbledon tickets, you could always try asking for tickets. 

Corporate Wimbledon tickets come with a variety of perks and exclusive offers. As well as being able to watch the tennis, often from fantastic seats, you’ll get access to the special hospitality tents set up for Wimbledon’s corporate suppliers. 

Join the Lawn Tennis Association

 Are you a member of the Lawn Tennis Association? Join the LTA is surprisingly easy, and members are given a number of special perks and benefits, including access to a special Wimbledon ballot reserved for LTA members. 

Although there’s no guarantee you’ll win Wimbledon tickets through the LTA ballot, its odds are much better than those of the public ballot. Joining the LTA only costs £25 per year, making it a good deal even if it’s only for the Wimbledon ballot. 

If you’re a club tennis player, you might already be part of the LTA. Ask your club if its membership includes LTA membership – if so, you’ll be able to enter into the LTA ballot using your existing tennis club membership. 

Buy Wimbledon debentures

 Wimbledon is financed through the sale of debentures to tennis fans and investors around the world. Becoming a debenture holder isn’t cheap, but it’s a great way to get access to all of the action on the Centre or No. 1 Court for the entire event. 

Debentures are sold every five years, and quantities are strictly limited. Investing in Wimbledon debentures gives you access to a pair of seats on either the Centre or No. 1 Courts, with prices starting from £20,000 per pair for the No. 1 Court. 

While investing in debentures is neither cheap nor simple – they sell out extremely quickly due to demand – it’s a good choice if you’re a serious tennis fan with plenty of cash to spare. 

Become an AELTC member 

Wimbledon is the official tournament of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Just like any other tennis club, the All England Club (known as the AELTC for short) is open to the public, although joining is extremely difficult. 

The AELTC has 375 permanent members and 100 temporary members. Temporary members are elected every year, meaning that you could join if your tennis skills – or your networking skills – are good enough. 

As one of the world’s most exclusive tennis clubs, joining the AELTC is tough. If you have the assets or tennis abilities to join, you’ll probably find it easy to get tickets to Wimbledon 2018 anyway. 

Make friends with the Royals

Our final method of getting a seat at Wimbledon 2019 might be the most difficult of all. 74 seats are available inside the Royal Box, and becoming friends with a member of the Royal Family is the only way to make sure one of them is open for you. 

If you don’t mind the cameras, the Royal Box offers an incredible view of the Centre Court, as well as famous company. Previous guests of the Royal Family include Jack Nicholson, President Clinton and David Beckham.