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All Purpose Christmas Party Venues in London

Cover all bases with this range of Christmas party venues that can do it all

We all know that organising the office Christmas Party is not only one of the most exciting and creative things you can do each year, but we also know that once you start taking briefs and providing feedback with choices and options, it gets complicated....and frustrating......and annoying......and exciting again. Let's face it, it's a rollercoaster. It's hard work, time-consuming and a bit of thankless task but for some reason you LOVE IT. Either it's your job because you're an agency or event lead within a big business or you have the mother of all juggling to do over the next few months. Organising the Christmas party at the same time as your day job. Sheesh, why did you EVER stick your hand in the air at that management meeting last month??
Well, you are where you are and you now need to find some solutions so where the heck do you start?
Here at Londonlaunch, we've written a series of blogs about Christmas parties and you can see our back catalogue right here.
This one is all about the All Purpose Venue.
Having a venue that allows you to adapt to the whimsical changes of your client or colleagues and provides you with the confidence that whatever the changes, you can adapt is a very smart place to start.
So, may I present to you some clever and innovative All Purpose, London Christmas Party Venues.


First up has to be Tobacco Dock. This beaut of a venue has got it all:
Size, location, diversity of party choice and of course, it has that warehouse cool factor too. It's even got a river frontage - well, a dock (obviously, the clue's in the name) but it really does have a LOT to offer. You can either join one of their sharing/joiner parties or you can choose from one of their many spaces. Heck, they've even got an ice rink on the roof. One venue, many MANY choices.



Hotels are the staple diet of events. Some say they're boring but I disagree. I think they're solid and the Pullman at St Pancras is a perfect example of style and grace with some fabulous touches of class and elegance. Yes, they have the quality dining option (what hotel doesn't?) but they can also provide flexible options for the more creative client/party.
Location is the Pullman's friend, being a 2-minute walk from St Pancras.


OK, here's one for you. Go with me on this one because it may seem a bit left field for All Purpose but I always like to add in something a little bit different. Puttshack is one of those venues that thrives on having fun. And what else is the Christmas Party all about if not fun? Leave your troubles behind (in the filing companies still have those??) and let the team at Puttshack immerse you in some creative fun and games.
Just give them the brief and they'll do the rest. And they're very good at it too.


Our venue of the week this week is One Marylebone
The team at One Events who manage this venue are proper pros when it comes to helping you create great events. Their venues (they have more than 1) are the perfect space for creating your own experience and can be adapted for pretty much anything. They're just beautiful spaces, ready for you to transform. You can keep it nice and simple or you can really go for it, their venues can take it. This one should definitely be on your list of 'venues that can do the lot' (otherwise known as All Purpose venues for the purpose of this blog ;-) )




These two little gems are yet more examples of hotel venues that can nail your Christmas Party.
Think, amazing location (cornerstone issue of the Christmas Party), safe and reliable (no craziness going on here), and quality. Both these venues are total experts at providing you with a range of options that won't disappoint. They're also VERY competitively priced so your budget will go far here. THEN, when you feel like turning it up a notch or two you can step outside and you have the entire west end of London to immerse yourself in.
Safe, flexible, affordable and central. Bingo

They've also got a special Christmas offer. Say the words "Upgrade me to a magical Christmas" and see what happens!

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And last but by no means least is another quirky one.
Bounce. OK, Bounce do Ping Pong VERY well but they have also worked out that they need to be flexible and provide Ping Pong as the backdrop rather than the main event. If you think creatively, the venue then becomes a great space with great food and drink in a great location and the backdrop/fun and frolics bit, anyone can join in - or not, depending on your choice. Genius. The team here really have thought this one through.

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So there you have it. A range of prices, options, locations, styles and purposes.
Check in next week we take you through some Blank Canvas Venues.

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