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Blank Canvas Christmas Party Venues in London

Every event planner needs to have a top list of Blank Canvas Venues

This is an interesting one. When you stick your hand in the air and agree to organise the company Christmas Party (or it's actually your job to do it), or in some cases, you're a pro/agency then one of the most exciting places to start is with a blank piece of paper. We all have a creative genius inside us and it's only a matter of time before it comes out. Yep - accounts - even you!
So how much fun is it to find a platform, a space, a room or venue for your creative genius to finally be recognised and for you to take the floor and receive your duly deserved plaudits?
OK, wake up from your dream. It all sounds exciting at the beginning but when you start with blank, you can quite suddenly encounter that creative block. "Where the heck do I start"???
Well have no fear, Londonlaunch is here to give you a nudge, a helping hand and in some cases do the heavy lifting for you. (did you know we offered that service??)
This week we provide some 'blank canvas' venues that are not so much blank as 'starter for 10' to help you on your way to event planning nirvana.
As usual, it's only a snippet of what we have so if you want to dig further, check out our other Christmas Party Blogs and also the main site. There's even a whole segment dedicated to Christmas so you'll never be alone and you'll certainly never get the dreaded event planners block (is that a thing??)
Let's start with:

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms.

Grand Connaught Rooms Londonlaunch

This is a beast of a venue in an amazing spot, right in the heart of Soho, Covent garden, west end. It's classic in style, steeped in history but has nimbleness of a mountain goat and the creative flair of a contemporary artist. In short, these folk and this venue can do it all - big OR small.
If location is your challenge and you want a safe pair of hands then you can't go wrong with Grand Connaught Rooms.

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Aures London / Sensorium

Sensorium Londonlaunch

This converted railway arch is true to the word of being a blank canvas. Literally. You can even let your own creative juices go nuts and paint some of it with spray paint. It has it's DNA and background in graffiti and has been very stylishly kitted out with The most amazing sounds system. In fact, they go one further and say that their sound system is revolutionary. A bold statement but I've heard it. And it is. It's amazing. Irrespective of Christmas, you need to check this venue out if you want sound at the heart of your event. Oh, and it's home to Banksy's graffiti festival. That's pretty cool - all tucked away under the railway arches at Waterloo (so you can easily fumble your way on to the last train home......with Bian from accounts ;-)

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The Mermaid London

Every year, companies and brands flock to The Mermaid London because it's one of the only (conference) venues that you can 'own'.
You want to paint that wall? "No problem"
Stick (literally) your graphics all over the entrance - "go ahead"
That approach also applies to the Chrismas Party market. If you've had a bumper year and you want to push the boat out then The Mermaid is a great option. Like previous venues, it's also got a great location and within staggering distance of tube and mainline stations.
Did I mention they also have AMAZING river views in their award-winning River Rooms? I have now. 'Own it' or join one of their shared parties? The Mermaid London has got the lot.

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Altitude 360

This multi-layered venue has new owners and they are out to impress so you'll be sure to get VIP treatment when you hold your Christmas Party at Altitude 360.
As the name would suggest, they're high up and the views are stunning (quite possibly some of the best in London...I promise).
They also have a number of different style venues ranging from the trendy Skyloft (which is decked out in the style of a warehouse), a sleek 360 which is all marble and minimalist and then you have the auditorium so if you're thinking 'end of year awards'? then this London Venue has you covered.
All their venues/spaces can be turned into whatever you want them to be so you can literally think of them as a blank canvas - just what you're after.
Ask for Katie - she's fab.

Amba Marble Arch

OK, let's go classic for a moment. Some Hotels just know how to do Christmas and Amba Marble Arch is one such hotel. Located in the heart of the west end (great for the after party) and with a range of options that fuses blank canvas with "I need a little help" the typically professional hotel event team at Amba will wrap you up and take away all your stresses. You're in good hands.

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The Postal Museum

If it's new and 'different' but with a blank canvas twist then the new kid on the block is a belter. The Postal Museum is a new addition to the London events scene and is picking up rave reviews wherever it goes. It's genuinely unique and even involves a train ride. The rest of the event space is open to interpretation depending on your creative juices so let the experienced events team at The Postal Museum hold your hand and guide you through organising your perfect Christmas Party.

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Last, but by no means least is one of my favourite 'solutions'.

ITA Venues

If it's all getting a bit much and actually that big pile of work that has suddenly appeared (and is not going away - party or no party to sort) then you can make one call and get the help of a genuine Christmas Party helper in the form of the Christmas Team at ITA Venues (now called CH&Co venues). They have a whole heap of venues right across London and I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you are looking for they will have.
Contact Amelia and let her solve all your last minute problems.
These folk are caterers, venue managers, party organisers, entertainment name it, they pretty much do it.

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So there you have it - another dose of Christmas Inspiration which can, of course, be applied to every other event you organise throughout the year.
Don't forget to read our other Christmas blogs, or non-Christmas and get in touch if you need any help...with any thing.

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