Do Something Completely Different This October

Do Something Completely Different This October

Take your hospitality to a New Found Level…

In the vibrant and diverse world of Hospitality, where to take your clients, friends or VIP guests used to be the million-dollar question. Well, things have moved on somewhat and, as people become harder to surprise, inspire, engage and amaze, where to entertain is now, officially, the 63 billion dollar question.


Whilst there will always be a place for the 'rubber chicken corporate dinner', awards ceremonies, team-building, activity days, rooftop drinks receptions, private hire of fascinating museums, theatres, bars, restaurants and urban warehouses, every now and again something comes along to disrupt and challenge the very meaning of VIP hospitality.


To a certain extent, sporting events will always add a level of excitement, intensity and, above all else, atmosphere. This is particularly the case when there's more at stake for the teams involved. The Champions League Final, for example or a Rugby International or Test match at Lord’s. It's the sense of occasion, the magnificence (or history) of the iconic sporting venue, the atmosphere (and often banter) that the fans around you bring but above all else, it's about sharing an exciting, memorable (and occasionally unforgettable) experience with your guests! 


Having said that, football is highly emotive and, although I'm a huge fan, I recognise that, because of its sheer popularity and place in our cultural DNA, it can divide guests into two groups – ‘die hard fans’ and ‘don’t give a damns’! More 'occasional' sports such as tennis, polo, horse racing and perhaps even a one off Rugby international, where people can enjoy the moment as an isolated, one-off occasion are perhaps more appropriate?


Well, now there's something new on the scene that combines all of the above, shakes it all up, injects a giant measure of rocket-fuelled fun, with all the razzmatazz you could never even imagine and all the fun of the fair! Yes, American Football is well and truly touching down in London this Autumn as a pre-cursor to London potentially having our very own Franchise! Awe-inspiring athleticism, combined with fireworks, rock n' roll, hotdogs, cheerleaders and all the passion and intensity of America's most popular sports League - the NFL - is coming to London for three regular season, high stakes games and you can be there to immerse yourself the world's greatest sporting experience, in style!


Firstly, American football is the greatest show on earth and there's absolutely no doubt about it. The games last three hours, so there really is far more opportunity to entertain your guests than at most other sporting events, with the exception of cricket (which is a whole other ball game and in many ways, the complete opposite of American Football) and maybe tennis (where you'll be arrested if you speak or try to go to the loo between points!), great games as they both are!  


Secondly, it's not just about the game. Chances are, none of your guests will ever have experienced a fully competitive, high stakes, regular season NFL game and boy are they in for a culture shock! The experience for the fans starts with a unique London NFL Tailgate experience which involves musical acts, player appearances, cheerleader performances, interactive games as well as plenty of tasty American food.  As a VIP guest, you'll be treated to a sumptuous sit-down meal (or buffet) with a former NFL a player (to perhaps explain the rules!) and even an appearance from actual NFL Cheerleaders! Pre game entertainment on the field before the game has included the likes of Madness, Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah, Train, and Def Leppard in the past, all adding to the special atmosphere before the game has actually started.


Thirdly, you don't have to know the rules, or indeed anything about the game whatsoever as there's so much to enjoy without even knowing who's winning!

And finally, it's all about immersing yourself in a veritable ‘greatest hits’ of glorious unabashed big-time American culture, condensed into three or four hours of high impact and fast-footed fun! 

 The game itself is spectacular and high octane, with plenty of breaks to catch your breath, have a chat with a fellow guest, or grab a bite to eat without missing a thing...

 Above all else though, you and your guests will almost all be in exactly the same boat, having never experienced anything quite like this before and, that alone, will create a memorable experience and a lasting bond between you all, which is what VIP hospitality is all about.

So, if you want to do something completely different, with something for everyone to thoroughly enjoy and then some, you've answered the 63 billion dollar question (which is the combined value of the 32 teams in the National Football League, by the way) - one of the three regular season, competitive NFL games in London this October is definitely a score...! And the best part? NFL London Hospitality is amazing value for money with VIP packages for all this starting at just £299+Vat! 


Click here for further details and Official VIP NFL Hospitality Packages at Wembley Stadium and Twickenham this October 2016.


Will Broome, Founder,