Five Top Tips for Booking your Christmas Party with confidence

Five Top Tips for Booking your Christmas Party with confidence

With the concerns around ongoing guidelines for delivering safe events after lockdown, here are a few thoughts from the London Launch Team on how to secure your 2020 Christmas party venue with confidence. There is no doubt that a December get together may be a long overdue and welcome celebration, so here are a few thoughts from our team...

Here are our top five recommendations and things to consider when choosing your 2020 London Christmas Party venue:

  1. Ensure that you have a suitable postponement clause in your venue contract for your office Christmas Party, in case social distancing rules make it impossible or ill-advised to stage such an event this December. In most cases, we have experienced that London venues are willing to accept that you can move your event into next year with minimum or no penalties, which will give you the flexibility to use the budget for your 2021 Christmas Party in London or maybe a meeting or summer party.
  2. Make sure that you have the lowest level of minimum guest numbers guaranteed in your contract, so that if your total acceptances are less than you thought, you will not be hit by a higher minimum number guarantee. It is much easier to negotiate the cost of additional guests than it is to change the terms of a signed contract.
  3. Use a party space that has the ability to deliver a full range of food service styles for your anticipated numbers. It is far too early to tell what might be viewed as safe best practice here, but if you book a smaller venue that cannot cater for a seated dinner, this could be a regrettable decision as we find out more about the safe operation of these events.
  4. Always check the venue's financial security, where possible. This year, more than ever, the risk of paying a 40% deposit now and not getting your event due to a venue going into administration or receivership is heightened. Here at Venue Search London Launch, we have a pretty good handle on which venues and groups are safest to book with.
  5. Shop around. This may well be a "buyers market" 2020 London Christmas Party Season, so ensure you have got the very best offers from a shortlist of suitable venues that are deemed safe to book with. But don't be fooled by venues offering discounts for easy payment of large deposits, this should throw up a big red flag to all bookers.

However, our very best tip, if you will excuse the plug here, is to use our free venue finding service to navigate your way through these challenging times so please call us now on 020 7471 2600 and we will be only too happy to assist you.

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