Incipio look forward to a bright future

Incipio look forward to a bright future

We all know, this is a truly testing time for those in hospitality, but this is a sector that is full of grit, tenacity, imagination and defiance and never have these traits been more required.

We are extremely fortunate at Incipio Group to see these in our teams and those companies within the sector in which we look up to and work so closely with. These traits mixed with leadership, reaffirm one’s belief that this sector is a lot tougher than many have ever given it credit for.

We are strong believers that the hospitality industry will bounce back from this, and when it does, we want to assure our clients we will be back with a bang. For those looking to host celebratory parties, planning ahead to Christmas or even for 2021, we will be here to help.

With six fantastic venues at our fingertips, it provides us with the opportunity to host a variety of events with our clients; from conferences and product launches to Christmas parties, it is not too early to start looking ahead and planning for what comes next.

Yes, events as we know them may be different, with new standards in place and rules to adhere to, but we are an industry that has forever been fast-paced and will adapt to the changing world around us.

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