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London Christmas Party Ideas 2018

Christmas Party ideas to make your event extra special

When it comes to organising the Christmas party, we could all do with a little divine inspiration and creativity. For some, this is like falling off a log. For others, it's the biggest challenge. You had so many ideas after the last debacle of a Christmas party...ideas about how you could do it so much better but now, when the heat is on you can't quite find your Christmas Party organising mojo. And you won't find it in the bottom of another glass of prosecco either - those ideas will just be plain silly, impractical (costly) and your boss will never go for it. So do yourself a favour and get serious. This IS a serious business. It's also what we (Londonlaunch) do for a living. We connect people like you to people, businesses, organisations, venues and suppliers who can help....people like you.

So here it is, our latest in our series of Christmas Party Ideas & inspiration. As usual, we 've kept it neat, tidy and sensible. Nothing too crazy. If it's crazy you're after then order that other bottle of prosecco.

Skylight London @ Tobacco Dock

Christmas on ice!
We've all done it and it's great fun. I don't know anyone who hasn't tried it and it's a great way to break down those barriers which is what the office Christmas party has a habit of doing. Yep - I'm talking about ice-skating.
And not just any type of ice skating either. I'm talking about ice skating on a rooftop in the heart of London.
If you’re searching for a Christmas party guaranteed to delight, get your skates on and head to Skylight atop Tobacco Dock. Ice skating, ice hockey slap shots and seasonal treats in the Snug Bar await.

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ZSL London Zoo

Now here's an idea. What about holding your Christmas Party amongst some exotic animals? Champagne with Tigers or canapes with Penguins anyone?
Or maybe recreate your very own a real-life Christmas nativity scene?
Yep, we're talking ZSL London Zoo here.
Who would have thought it, holding your event at a zoo? Well, that's just what you can do at London's iconic visitor attraction.

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Amba Hotel Marble Arch

Book within the next 7 days and get your first glass of bubbles on us -
please mention 'upgrade me to a magical Christmas' to redeem this offer upon enquiry
One glass of bubbles per person

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Gilwell Park London

There's something magical about holding your Christmas Party in a forest and Gilwell Park London which is literally a hop, skip and a jump away from the centre is a perfect backdrop. Why not combine an away-day and some Christmas frolics at this beautiful, fresh air inspired venue.
Whether it’s an office Christmas party or just a friendly get-together, celebrate in style at Gilwell Park London with a fab range of bottomless festive packages. You won't regret this one.

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One Aldwych

For chocolate fans who enjoy the buzz of the west end at Christmas, this one is a real cracker. You can host an original Christmas event with a private afternoon tea party. One Aldwych's ever-popular Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired tea has been given a festive twist. Match it with a smoking Cocktail Charlie or a glass of Champagne for a fun festive treat.

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This multi-layered venue has new owners and they are out to impress so you'll be sure to get VIP treatment when you hold your Christmas Party at Skyloft.
As the name would suggest, they're high up and the views are stunning (quite possibly some of the best in London...I promise).
They also have a number of different style venues ranging from the trendy Skyloft (which is decked out in the style of a warehouse), a sleek 360 which is all marble and minimalist and then you have the auditorium so if you're thinking 'end of year awards'? then this London Venue has you covered.
All their venues/spaces can be turned into whatever you want them to be so you can literally think of them as a blank canvas - just what you're after.
Ask for Katie - she's fab.

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When it comes to organising your Christmas Party, we all know that what started off as a simple task often turns out to be.......let's be honest, a bit of a nightmare. Everyone's chipping in with their opinion and whilst you're happy to do the organising, you also don't want to be known as 'that person' who organised what is sometimes the biggest celebration of the year and it bombed. And besides, you have a day job so the last thing you need is all the hassle that comes with organising parties. All the little bits of detail that appear from nowhere but do need sorting. That's why you need a special Christmas helper. Well, just as Apple turned the phrase "there's an app for that" into our standard thinking, so too does this "app" apply to the Christmas Party, although it's not so much an app (now that's an idea!!!!) but a real, live person.
Step forward a person, a business, an expert and quite frankly - a machine.
A machine that has access to all the best venues London has to offer. All the best, latest, most delicious (and fun) catering ideas. All the most creative entertainment ideas and above all the best logistical know how to make sure that your party rocks (or rolls).
That machine is called ITA. Not only does ITA have a little black book to rival the best but it also has all the creative talent at its fingertips to ensure you never have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is spew forth your creative ideas, your bosses desires and your co-workers' craziness and see what the machine comes up with. Venues, food, entertainment, transport, stage set and design and all the little touches that you can't remember but are on your Pinterest board. This 'machine' has access to this lot at the flick of a switch, the press of a button or at the very least the end of a phone (remember those, actually speaking with people??).
SO, whether you're at the beginning of your journey, you haven't got a clue where to start, or indeed just need a little bit of TLC and advice - give the gang at ITA a call and they will organise your worries away, leaving you to get on with the day job AND be known as creating the best Christmas Party ever. Your boss will think you're Donna (or Mike) and your next pay review will go like a dream.
Contact ITA now and listen for the sound of a well-oiled Christmas Party organising machine at work.

Yes please, I'd like some help

Harrow School

This Christmas, Harrow School has collaborated with a local florist and baker to create something truly special and crafty! Their tailor-made sessions provide small or large groups with the perfect opportunity to create and take home, a beautifully bespoke and Insta worthy Christmas wreath or gingerbread house. Located within one of our unique historic venues, guests can let their creative spirits flow whilst learning the skill of natural wreath floristry and gingerbread house decorating. Tickets include a festive beverage and nibbles.
You can host small to large groups and workshops within their unique venues on the 7 or 14 December and prices are £85.00 per person

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