Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas

Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas

So here we are, it's October and we're talking about Christmas. It's like the adverts that come on TV this time of year and everyone always says the same thing "I cant believe they're advertising Christmas already, its ridiculous" It's not ridiculous, its Christmas. The best time of year, come on people feel the festivity. The nights are drawing in, the mornings are getting crisper and your end of year bonus is getting closer and closer (you wish). Anyway whether you love it or hate it, most of us will be involved in some form of Christmas party this year and its time to start planning. So where to start? Well here obviously...on the best website in the events industry. Now below I have hand picked 10 of the greatest Christmas party venues for 2017. Take a look, enjoy and remember the fun starts here. 

1.  ArcelorMittal Orbit and The Podium

The Orbit doesn't just offer one of the best views of London. It hosts the biggest indoor slide in the world, taking a whopping 45 seconds to complete. I recently experienced it myself and I giggled the whole way down, like a girl. It's something quite amazing. Due to the sheer speed of the slide, safety equipment is required and that comes in the form of a Rugby scrum cap, arm pads and a giant sack (quite in the spirit of Christmas actually). Anyway I was laughing hard enough at my own reflection without even getting on the slide and the rest, well..hysterical. Be sure to have a look as there is nothing else in the market quite like it. 



 2. Go Ape! - Battersea 

Again, I had the privaledge of experiencing the Go Ape in Battersea not long ago and I know what you're thinking, not your first Christmas party choice. But actually, scaring the sh*t out of yourself for an hour or two really gets the endorphens going. It really brings everyone together and in the spirit of Christmas, what more do you want?  



3. Bounce

Now Ping Pong is great at the best of times, but at the end of year Christmas party with amazing food and unlimited drink it's just brilliant fun. What a way to hang out with the team at Christmas.



4. The Roof Gardens 

The Roof Gardens are beautliful and stylish and if thats what you go for at Christmas, look no further. You will be looked after brillaintly and it will be a night you wont forget..or maybe you will, it is Christmas after all. 



5. Ski Lodge - The Montague On The Gardens 

The Montague have got Christmas right, there is no two ways about it. Its cosy, its unbelievably festive and most of all its good fun. A Ski Lodge in London, I mean come on, I'm excited by the sheer thought of it. 



 6. Karaoke - Lucky Voice

I dont think much has to be said for Karaoke as we all know some tw*t will be singing Wonderwall within five minutes. But will it be entertaing? Hell yes. 



7. Christmas In The Forest - Gilwell Park 

I feel snugg just thinking about it, it doesnt get much more Christmassy than this. Gilwell Park is a historic & unique venue on the edge of London, truly stunning and must be considered this year. 



8. The Grosvenor 

No Poundland Christmas crackers here. Classy as it comes, if you've got the budget and your looking for something special, The Grosvenor is the place for you.  



9. Rooms on Regent's Park  

Situated in the heart of London with views over Regent’s Park, the 22 modern rooms offer huge variety and flexibilty for your Christmas party. Plus its great for hide and seek.. 



10. The Cinnamon Club

The Cinnamon Club in the heart of Westminster presents constantly evolving menus and a carefully matched wine list all designed to reflect an ethos of innovation and creativity in one of the most stunning dining rooms in the country. They really know what they're doing and will put the stress of organising the Christmas party to bed.



So there we have it, 10 ideas for your Christmas Party. However if you haven't found anything to your taste click here for more Christmas venues on offer for 2018.