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Unique and Unusual Christmas Party Venues in London

London. One of the oldest developed cities in the world.
Events. One of the oldest and most natural forms of communication.
Combine the two and it doesn't take a genius to work out that London has a plethora of event spaces. And what happens when there are traditions and history rich in diversity? You get people pushing boundaries, that's what happens. And we celebrate that. We also love the Traditional but that's why London is so popular. We can combine the traditional with the nutty.
So it may NOT come as a surprise to you event folk out there that one of the most popular search terms and 'landing pages' (as we call them in 'digital world') on Londonlaunch is our Unique & Unusual event spaces (section).
As events mature and the quest for something new and exciting continues with no end in sight (literally EVER), boundaries are being pushed and bent and stretched and that means looking for something different.
And so we come to Christmas. The big kahuna of events.
Go on, folks. Push the boundaries and bend the imagination. And we all know it starts with the backdrop of the creativity of events: the venue.
So allow us at Londonlaunch to give you a taster of some unique and unusual Christmas event venues that are not that silly and are certainly affordable but will hopefully get your creative juices going.

Tobacco Dock

Yep, right here on the banks of the river Thames is our very own Dock space. Originally used for er...tobacco warehousing.
These days it plays host to a variety of events ranging from music festivals, food festivals, corporate events, conferences, rooftop parties - you name it, Tobacco Dock can pretty much do it. And like a lot of 'east end' venues these days it's surprisingly close too, just down the road from Tower Bridge.
As London gets smaller, places like Tobacco Dock become more accessible.
Contact the fabulous team there, you'll be amazed at what they can conjure up for your event. Christmas or no Christmas, this venue is most certainly 100% unique, definitely unusual and is a real cracker. It's also home to Europe’s only rooftop ice rink, Skylight and is an exceptional destination for your Christmas party. Drink in stunning city views and spectacular cocktails, then impress your friends with your ice-dancing skills.


Altitude 360

When it comes to uniqueness, the one thing people always want is 'that view'. The wow factor that acts as the perfect backdrop to any event. No need for fancy graphics and expensive event dressing. Just look out the window folks and marvel at the fabulous London skyline.
And Altitude certainly has that money shot. Wonderfully located at one end of London, you can see the full deck of London's skyline from Altitude.
Combine that view with several event spaces that fit most briefs and you certainly do have your unique venue. There's a new team there as well and they're pretty keen to make a name for themselves and impress so give them a call, you won't be disappointed. (tell 'em I sent you and Barry their exec chef might throw in a Barry special ;-)


OK, time to crank it up a notch and take a look at a few unusual venues


Wiff waff. Brilliantly made famous and brought back into our live's by our favourite (???) lunatic politician/next Prime Minister, Bo Jo. Call him what you want but he knows how to entertain and his use of the 300-year-old sporting term got rave Google reviews.
Now, you don't have to associate our self with him but you can weave Ping Pong into your next event. I'm thinking of using Bounce for my next event actually.
Let the crew at Bounce set your event up in style with big screens, great AV and nice open spaces all set in cool surroundings and THEN. Unleash the competitive spirit within and battle your colleagues, bosses and peers at a game of wiff waff.
Seriously cool, seriously good fun and seriously unusual. You and your event will most definitely be remembered for all the right reasons.



If ping pong isn't your thing, how about golf? Indoor golf, with clever, high tech screens tracking your Titleist to see if you are beating Brian from accounts....in real time (that'll teach him to question your expenses!!)
Swing a club, watch your score and grab a burger. Who knew golf could be that much fun?


Haberdasher's Hall

Back to Uniqueness (and a dash of unusual).
Have you ever wanted to fully immerse yourself in London Tradition?
Well, you can and Haberdasher's Hall can do just that. Steeped in history dating back to 1394 (that's insane - that's over 600 years ago!!)
It was actually first called:
The Master and Four Wardens of the Fraternity of the Art or Mystery of Haberdashers in the City of London. (imagine trying to find a domain name for that?)
Haberdasher's Hall is one of the Great Twelve Livery Halls and with it comes an ottoman full of history, tradition and uniqueness.
The real beauty of Haberdasher's Hall is that in 2002 it moved and is now a fully modern facility. So there you have it. merge the old (very old) with the new. Perfect


The Postal Museum

Another unique belter is a brand new entry (literally....it only opened last year). The Postal Museum is an absolute corker of an idea and venue. Immerse yourself and your guests in the last industrial revolution (did that one have a bubble too??) I challenge anyone NOT to be fascinated by how the old postal system used to work. It calls itself the original social network and I think it has a point. A very good one. My Grandfather couldn't get his head around how a fax works and I still can't get my head around the fact that you can spend a £1 and have a letter delivered to the most remote points of the UK...... to the door!!!


ZSL London Zoo

Now here's an idea. What about holding your event amongst some exotic animals? Champagne with Tigers or canapes with Penguins anyone?
Or maybe recreate your very own a real-life Christmas nativity scene?
Yep, we're talking ZSL London Zoo here.
Who would have thought it, holding your event at a zoo? Well, that's just what you can do at London's iconic visitor attraction.


Old Royal Naval College

If you're looking for WOW then you can't get much more wow than holding your event in the great and internationally famous Painted Hall at The Old Royal Naval College. It's the largest painted ceiling in Britain and provides the most amazing and definitely unique backdrop to any event. If it's unique, tradition, wow factor and true class then The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich has the complete package.


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