10 Unique and Unusual Event Venues in London

10 Unique and Unusual Event Venues in London

Unique Venues for Corporate Events

Sick of the same old, same old when it comes to event spaces? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured London - from Central, over to West and across the River Thames to South - to find funky spaces that really have that ‘wow-factor’ you’ve been looking for.

Sure, traditional venues have their own appeal. They’re safe and reliable. Tried and tested. No-fuss. They’re the resorts and convention centers you fall back on that never disappoint. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with ‘em! But variety is the spice of life, right?

Unusual event spaces have that little something extra and are wonderfully non-traditional. They have unforgettable architecture, offer stunning views, and have unusual extras like ping pong tables, screening rooms, and so, so much more.

Top 10 Unique Event Venues in London

While each of the ten venues in London below has bits and bobs that make them unique event venues, they all have one thing in common: they’re memorable. Guests will be talking about these spaces and the event you’ve hosted long after the event itself is over. Have we piqued your interest yet? Keep reading for the top 10 most unusual venues to hire in London. We’re certain that, by the end, you’ll feel inspired to start planning your next corporate event, whatever that may be.

Whether you’re planning a team building event for the office, a product launch, a conference or a Christmas Do, comparing spaces and getting in touch with these one-of-a-kind venues for private hire is easy with London Launch.

Just click the picture of each of the exclusive hires for more information, contact details and an enquiry form. Let’s take a look!

Tobacco Dock


It’s soaked in history, is effortlessly cool with its exposed brick and beams, and is big and well-equipped enough for virtually any event imaginable. Better still? It’s a blank canvas. Turn it into a concert venue, dress it up for a gala or awards ceremony, or hire a smaller space within the massive Tobacco Dock for something slightly more intimate. No matter what you hire it for, your event will be oozing with personality.

Did we mention it has a rooftop bar? Who doesn’t love a rooftop bar...

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Cinemas: Cineworld, Odeon and Curzon



An event - whether it’s a conference or a product launch - is instantly elevated when it’s held at a cinema. Luckily, in London, you’re not short of options.

Between Cineworld, Odeon and Curzon you have several locations to choose from, including posh Leicester Square, trendy Wandsworth, and historic Chelsea. No matter where you decide, you can be sure that your event will be unique. Guests will love having the cinema to themselves and as a host, you’ll enjoy having food and drink readily available. And, don’t worry, we don’t mean just popcorn and fizzy drinks. Each venue will be able to cater (literally) to your specific needs meaning hosting a themed event is totally do-able.

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The Postal Museum



All of that aside, the history of the building (and the sleek contemporary decor) is sure to spark conversation amongst guests at networking events, briefings, receptions, and other corporate events. Sure beats a boardroom, doesn’t it?

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There isn’t another London venue available for private hire quite like Skyloft. As the name suggests, it’s a perfectly decorated New York style penthouse 28 floors above ground with unbeatable views of London. We’re talking 360-degree views of this beautiful city.

With enough space for up to 500 people, this is the perfect venue for an award ceremony, formal dinner, or corporate Christmas blowout. You can hire out the whole floor or divide the space into smaller rooms, meaning Skyloft isn’t just a unique event venue, it’s versatile, too.

Although, if you do divide up the space, you’ll be left with an impossible decision...do you go with the view of Westminster or the view of the Thames?

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Serpentine Galleries


As far as unique (and beautiful) settings go, it’s hard to imagine a venue that could compete with the Serpentine Galleries, placed perfectly in Kensington Gardens. Especially in a city like London, an escape to such a natural, green space is always welcome.

In terms of making a case for this being an ace choice for a corporate event or private hire, we could just stop there. Kensington Gardens. Case closed. But, what’s inside these galleries is arguably just as spectacular as what’s outside.  It must be, especially since 1.2 million people visit them each year. Art-lovers rejoice!

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ArcelorMittal Orbit

This list of unique and unusual event venues just wouldn’t be complete without the world’s highest and longest tunnel slide.  Yep, a trip down this steep slope will take you just 40 seconds, but the effects from the adrenaline will last much longer. Of course, this makes it the perfect way to kick-off any event, whether it be a networking event, charity event, or team building exercise.

While The Slide is certainly a highlight of this venue, it’s not even close to all it has to offer. The upper and lower decks of the ArcelorMittal Orbit are perfect venues for formal dinners, drinks reception, private parties and more. From your perch, you’ll be able to see 20 miles across London. Safe to say few have ever enjoyed a view quite like it!

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Blenheim Palace


If you’re looking for a stunning space for your next corporate event, you’ve found it. Blenheim Palace is jaw-dropping in its beauty, with architecture you can’t help but photograph. It’s grand, ornate and luxurious, perfect for formal, sit-down dinners, exhibitions and award ceremonies.

There are several rooms in a range of sizes available for hire within the palace. Whether you choose the Orangery or the Great Hall, guests will be blown away by the space.

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Braxted Park

If a venue should transport guests, Braxted Park is doing its job. Located just 50 minutes outside of London, you’ll find yourself completely removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s serene. It’s calm. It’s green. And it’s spread across 500 acres.

Your options in terms of transforming outdoor space for off-site meetings, team activities, etc. are limitless and, with a golf course, barbecue, restaurants, meeting rooms, banquet halls and bars on-site, you’re well-equipped for a full day out with your co-workers.

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House of Commons


It’s not every day that you visit a UNESCO World Heritage site. And, rest assured, it’s even less frequent that you attend an event at a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The House of Commons is an iconic building that will without a doubt generate buzz around your corporate event, whatever it may be. Not only is it historically significant and stunning inside, it overlooks the Thames, giving guests an unrivalled view of the river.

With all of that being said, if you’re trying to create an experience that those in attendance won’t soon forget, booking the House of Commons should be first on your to-do list.

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KitchenAid Experience


Restaurants and bars are fine locations for an event, but there’s nothing new or unusual about hosting a corporate or private dinner at a restaurant. And, if it’s not unusual or new, it doesn’t have a place on this list!

On the other hand, the KitchenAid Experience - two floors of kitchen inspo - is totally new (the first of its kind, in fact), totally unusual, and totally cool. With a demonstration kitchen and experienced chefs on hand, it’s perhaps the best place in London to take foodies for a dining experience they’ll never forget.

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One-Of-A-Kind Venues For One-Of-A-Kind Events

There’s no rule that says you have to plan an event that’s in line with the status quo and just like every other event of its kind that you’ve been to.

A breakfast meeting doesn’t have to be muffins in the same meeting room you’re in every other Tuesday. It can be inspired by conversation in a room with panoramic views of London. Team building doesn’t have to be held at a standard convention center. It can be held in a park, a courtyard, or on a giant slide. Transform a cinema for an awards ceremony, put on a memorable product launch underground in a museum, or mingle with coworkers inside an actual palace.

If that hasn’t gotten your creative, event planning juices flowing, we just don’t know what will!

The only problem now is that there are too many choices as far as unique event venues in London goes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As you click through different venues, you can save your favourites. That way, it’s easy to compare them and narrow down your options until you find the perfect venue.

We’ve also made it easy to inquire about private hire. That means you’re just a click away from putting on a one-of-a-kind event at one of London’s coolest (and most unique) venues.

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